Day 7 - Liben Location Guide: Genshin Impact

Once again you have to visit the wandering merchant Liben in Genshin Impact. The last day of the Marvelous Merchandise event has started in Genshin Impact. So that you can get hold of a Box of Marvels from merchant Liben again, you first have to find him and meet his requirements. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you where you can get the Box of Marvels in the Day 7 event.

Where is the Liben merchant located? The tip reveals that Liben is at the Liyue Harbor. This is exactly where you can meet him. If you enter the city from the bridge in the north, he will be waiting on the right side by the wall. It's hard to miss. Should you need help, his position is noted here on the map.

Day 7, Liben Location Guide, Location Map, Genshin Impact

Once you have spoken to Liben, his position will be noted on the minimap - so it will be easy to find him a second time.

What does Liben want?  Liben would like to have 10x radishes from you. They are usually collected quickly if you don't already have enough of them in your inventory. You can sometimes find them in the wild, but often in supply boxes and barrels with enemies.

Return to Liben with the radishes and give them to him. Then speak to him again to receive your last Box of Marvels.

Day 7,  Liben, Location Guide, Genshin Impact

What can be in the boxes? There can be a lot of stuff in the boxes. Basically there are 30 Primogems, the premium currency from Genshin Impact, every day. There are also other options such as Mora, upgrade items or experience points for your heroes. In any case, the exchange for the Marvel boxes is always a pretty good deal, because the materials in the boxes are far more than what you are exchanging.

There does not seem to be any special reward for collecting the boxes on all 7 days.