Dirt 5 Best Graphics Settings, Fix Low FPS, Lags and Stutter

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to fix low FPS or FPS drops, lags, stuttering and we’ll also show you the best graphics settings to boost Dirt 5 performance on your PC.


Right now the game is not running well, pretty crappy, I have a Ryzen 3900x and my GPU is a 2700 RTX card from Nvidia. So I'll show you how you can improve parameters inside the game and also how you can optimize your Windows to make sure that you have more FPS to run dirt 5 smoothly.


So first of all write game mode on the search bar and make sure that you disable the game mode from your Windows. It's causing stuttering and you will lose FPS with this.


Also make sure that your Xbox game bar is at off really important and make sure that all those capture setting, background recording, recorded audio are at off. Also I recommend to not using like any overlay discord overlay Nvidia overlay AMD overlay and stuff like that, and one more thing make sure that you update your drivers directly from the manufacture’s website.


Next in the latest version of Windows 10 (version 2004) write GPU in your search, click graphic settings and you will have a feature called hardware accelerated GPU scheduling - make sure that this is at on and then you’ll need to restart your computer.


Now let's go inside of the game, under the graphics settings select the video option.


Dirt 5, Best Graphics Settings, Fix Low FPS, Lags, Stutter

First of all, history resolution and also the render resolution make sure that you're using the resolution from your monitor. So you really need like to put your resolution that you're normally using. So if you're playing 1080p go 1080p, if you're playing 720p go 720p.


The next parameter that will give you the most FPS is shadow quality. If I compare ultra high to low I'm getting a 10% boost in my FPS.

Dirt 5, Best Graphics Settings, Fix Low FPS, Lags,  Stutter

 And it's pretty much the same thing with global illumination quality ultra high versus low I'm getting another 8% boost. So this is pretty much where you will gain a lot of FPS.


After that geometry quality and tessellation quality, if I compare ultra to medium you're

getting like 4% boost, medium to low I didn't see a big difference. So that's why I'm recommending medium over there.


Volume retrieve quality - again not a big difference between low and medium but I'm seeing like a nice 3 to 4% boost between ultra and medium so go with medium.


Cloud quality - this one is a bit weird sometimes I'm getting a lot of stuttering like I'm playing at high. Everything is fine and I'm getting stuttering and I turned this one at low and now everything is like really smooth. So that's why I'm recommending putting this one at low. I'm getting like a 4% boost but it's more like my FPS are a lot stable with this


Procedural quality - Ultra to high you will gain a 2% FPS boost and high to medium another 2%. So it's pretty much like 4% when you're playing medium with those parameter you should be fine. Again it depends like what kind of computer that you're using for sure if you're using an integrated video card you’ll probably need to lower your

volumetric quality and probably also your resolution at 720p.


For now this is pretty much it, I hope they're going to release a patch soon for optimization because it's not normal a computer like mine when I'm playing a

game like this normally at ultra should have definitely like 90 to 100 FPS.