Fix Voice Chat, Sound Not Working: Black Ops Cold War

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix most common Audio problems when playing Black Ops Cold War.


First, open up the game and go to your graphic settings. In the settings, make sure to limit your frame rate to a value above your screen's refresh rate. This can help to prevent audio delay caused by using up too many resources to run the game at a higher frame rate.


In your audio settings make sure that your sound is not muted.


Set the headphones game sound device to your default device as well as the headphones voice chat device.


After verifying your audio settings you can close the game.


When this is done right click the sound icon in your taskbar and select open sound settings. In the settings, make sure to set the output and the input device to your main device.


Fix Voice Chat, Sound Not Working, Black Ops, Cold War

Under manage sound devices, you can select to test or disable your devices. This is essential to troubleshoot any hardware issues.


Also testing your device with another source such as a video on YouTube will help you determine where the issue is coming from.


In your advanced sound settings, you can assign the input and output devices for each application as well as changing the volume.


After testing your settings you can close the window and search for device manager in your taskbar. Search and hit enter. On pop up window expand the audio inputs and outputs. There right click the output sound device you prefer to use. Select update driver and make sure to search automatically for updated driver software. This will take a minute to make sure that your device's driver is up to date.


When this is done and the issue persists, then your game files might be corrupted to fix this open up your battle net launcher and there select options for Black Ops Cold War and then scan and repair this will take a minute to re-download and replace any missing or corrupted game files.


In case you still have audio issues, then your hardware might be faulty.


I hope this helps you out.