Godfall: Best Settings for Low-End PC, Fix FPS Drops

In this guide, we’ll show you the best graphics settings to increase Godfall performance on your low-end computer and also show you how to fix low FPS or FPS drops, lags or stutter.


So let's start with Windows in the search bar write Game Mode, make sure that your Game Mode is at off. It's causing stuttering and you will lose FPS with this.


Next Xbox Game Bar also make sure that this one is at off.


Also, disable all those overlay that you're currently using like discord overlay, Nvidia overlay, AMD overlay. Just remove those stuff, they also sometimes causing stuttering and you can lose also FPS.


In the capture section, make sure that background recording is at off and recorded audio is at off.


Next, make sure that you do an update of your driver. If you have like an Nvidia video card or AMD really important, they always like have some dedicate driver for those kind of games and you can get 5 to 7% percent boost in your FPS.


One more thing, if you have the latest version of Windows 10 (version 2004) search GPU you will have a new setting called Graphics Settings, open it make sure that the Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is at on. Honestly, on low end PC and even on mid-range PC you can get 3 to 4% boost in your FPS. If you have a high-end PC then you won’t see any improvement with this setting.


Now, let's go inside of the game:


Godfall, Best Video Settings, Low End PC, Fix FPS Drops

First of all, Display Mode: make sure that you're playing full screen you don't want to use like the Borderless Feature or the Window one. You're gonna lose FPS and also you will have soldering. So it’s really important to play full screen.


Display Resolution: really depends on what kind of monitor that you have. Me, I like to play native. For me native is 1080p but again depending on which resolution that you want to use, you have to change it over there.


After all the stuff that I will show you to change if you're still struggling for example to get your 60 FPS maybe you will need to really lower your resolution to get more FPS.


Vertical Sync: I'm not using it so put that one at off.


Quality Preset: Custom.


View Distance: this will give you huge impact on your FPS. So for each bracket you're gaining like 3 to 4% in your FPS. I like to play at Medium Low.


Shadow Quality: this one is huge. If I change it to low I'm getting 12% in my FPS.


Anti-Aliasing: I'm playing at medium. Aliasing at medium seems to be a good fit and also you're gaining 6% boost.


Texture Detail: I'm playing at a epic. It really depends on your Vram on your video card. So if you have 4GB and more go with epic, 3GB high, 2GB medium and less than 2GB low.


Visual Effects: go with medium or low. This one you will not necessarily get more FPS when you're just like running in the map. It's more like when you're fighting and you're getting like some random drop. It's probably because of the visual effects.


Post Processing: I use medium. It's like 2% for each bracket and I didn't see a big difference between low and medium in my FPS.


Foliage Quality:  this one is a bit like a shadow, huge impact on your FPS. So if you compare epic to low you can gain like 10 to 12%. So this one I'm staying at low


Motion Blur: I disable this one because I don't like this effect.


Lens Flare: Off


Bloom: 2


AMD FidelityFX: if you have an AMD card you can use this parameter. So you can just check it to on over there.