How to Play GODFALL, Tips for gamers just starting out

Let’s get started, what exactly is Godfall? Well Godfall is within the looter slasher genre, meaning the game is part melee combat part loot. It's important to understand that the Godfall is not a game as a service. So while it's easy to draw comparisons to titles like Destiny or the Division given the loot aspect it’s a little closer to something like Monster Hunter. 

In terms of quest structure Godfall will see you embarking on missions from a central hub, the Seventh Sanctum throughout which you'll obtain loot and you'll then return to the hub before your next adventure. So in that respect see it more as an instanced bite size experience. Something you can jump into very quickly, get to the heart of the action and repeat you take on the role of Oren a Valorian Knight whose primary goal is to take down his brother Macros and stop him from destroying the world. 

Throughout your journey you'll use a wide array of valor plates and weapons at your disposal to lay waste to anything that stands in your way. There are 12 valve plates in Godfall and as you progress throughout the game you'll obtain the materials needed to unlock these Infused Jasper comes from the first map the Arthrom, Crystalline Tears come from the water realm and Aetheric Filaments comes from the air realm and all of oblivion. Well that's something you'll need to work towards later on.

How do Valorplates work in GODFALL? 

Silvermane is your first valor plate with bonuses in charge, speed for weapon techniques shield and polarity attacks as well as bonus damage when using those aspects of play and the Archon Mode will call for three spirit warriors to aid you in battle. Armistice is all about breach damage with the Archon Mode unleashing a devastating wave that breaches all nearby enemies opening them up for lethal takedowns. Typhon is the embodiment of water inflicting chill on its enemies dealing bonus damage to enemies that are chilled and summoning water sentinels to aid it in battle. Greyhawk is all about Soul Shatter with bonus, Soul shatter build up and an Archon Mode that applies soul shatter build up to all nearby enemies. Phoenix is your fireplace all about ignites. The Icon Mode kicks out a large shock wave dishing out fire damage, whilst also allowing you to deal bonus damage to enemies on fire. Bullwalk is your valve plate for bleed, activating your Archon Fury will see you summon three physical sentinels in combat and you also have a 90 chance to inflict bleed. So you can do bonus damage to bleeding enemies. Mobius is the cursed valor plate summoning void sentinels upon Archon Mode activating and having a bonus chance to inflict curse on enemies that you strike. Bonus damage is then dealt to those cursed enemies. Vertigo is for shock those of you that want to lean more into this element. Your archon mode deals a shock wave of air damage and you deal bonus damage to shocked enemies. Aegishorn is for those of you that want to survive with the ability to take 5% less damage and call forth spirit warriors to aid you in battle. You and your nearby allies can also take less damage during Archon Fury making this a great pick for the support focused players. Illumina is all about weak point damage. If you want to pinpoint the enemy's weak spots for devastating damage then this is the valor plate for it.

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Upon Archon Fury activating you deal physical damage in a wave that reveals all enemy weak points allowing you to follow up with some powerful death blows. Mesa is the poison plate inflicting poison whilst knock on Fury Mode and dishing out earth damage upon activation and bonus damage is dealt to or poisoned enemies and then finally, Hinter Claw the last plate you'll be unlocking. This plate is all about critical damage. You summon three spirit warriors to aid you in battle. Upon Archon Fury activation and you get bonus critical hit chance and damage when defeating enemies. Once you've picked your valor plate of choice it's time to decide how you want to play

What are the Best Weapons in Godfall?

There are five weapon types in Godfall. Hammer, Greatsword, Longsword, Dual Blades and Polearms. Hammer is all about large AoE damage with slow powerful strikes hitting multiple enemies in the process. This is a devastating weapon albeit slow for use in the crowd. So time your attacks well to make the most of this weapon. The Greatsword is another slow heavy hitting weapon with wide sweeping attacks capable of attacking multiple enemies at once. You can also throw this using your special moves to attack enemies or weak points from far away. The Longsword is a quick and nimble weapon much more focused on single target damage. It's a great all-around option offering a balance of power and speed allowing you to remain agile on the battlefield. The Dual Blades are the fastest weapon of the bunch with devastatingly quick attacks. These will allow you to slice and dice the enemy whilst also remaining mobile on the battlefields. Then finally, you have the Polearms. It is another quick and nimble yet devastating weapon. This will allow you attack enemies from armed length and also can strike enemies from afar by throwing it. The Polearms is a great fast versatile weapon that complements some of the slower offerings.

Keep in mind you can equip two weapons and change them on the fly. So play around with these to see what you like best. 

Also keep in mind that the moves you have at the beginning of the game are not the whole picture as you spend skill points you can unlock more. As you level up you'll earn skill points and you can spend those on your skill tree to expand your combat abilities. You can start from either of the corners of the tree and begin working your way inwards plus you can respec at any time but pay particular attention to some of these nodes that unlock special weapon moves. Timing attacks the ability to target weak points and even additional moves for your Shield Spec into these and you begin broadening your arsenal as you progress throughout the game and obtain loot you'll begin discovering items that you want to hold onto. Well, the good news is as those items are replaced by higher level items you can begin to upgrade, find something you like bring it with you. If you visit the forge in the seventh sanctum you can spend some of the materials you've discovered throughout the maps to upgrade your favorite items making them more powerful and allowing them to remain viable throughout the game as mentioned in the beginning.

The structure for the game will see you picking missions from the map and loading in. For instanced activities your missions are broken down into Story Mission, Boss, Hunt Mission and Unique. Story missions, as the name suggests moves the story forward and puts you one step closer to defeating Matt Cross. Boss missions will typically come at the end of an area where you clear the necessary objectives and this will put you against a tough boss fight in a Bespoke Arena. Hunt Missions will see you embark on a quest to take out a specific enemy type. Hunt them down slay them and return for your rewards and Unique missions will either see you exploring a new realm or ascending the tower of trials. Missions can be replayed and revisited and remember to adjust the difficulty if you want a chance at better loot. Harder difficulties will see enemies deal more damage but also drop more loots but you will fail the quest if you die three times.