Record, Delete or Share Video Clips: Xbox Series X

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to record and share your short videos because the Xbox Series X controller now has a dedicated share button. This button in the middle of the controller has two primary functions you can technically speaking adjust if you want to but by default pressing the button will save a screenshot where you currently are. Meanwhile, holding the button will record 30 seconds of whatever you're playing. However, you can also change this but that is not the only way. So in this guide, we’ll quickly go over basically how recording works on the new console.

So to begin with as mentioned when you're playing through the game if you press the button as mentioned, the new share button on the controller it will take a screenshot. You then get a pop-up on the screen and if you then want to look at it directly you can just hold down the Xbox / Nexus button and it will then bring up a series of options, from there you can then post it to your Social Media or message it to a friend. 

Meanwhile, if you then go back into game and you hold down the button it will record a video which again as I previously mentioned by default last 30 seconds but you can change it later. 

Alternatively, as you're playing the game if you wanted to do something more manually you can just press the Xbox button to bring up the guide. You can then go over to the share from there you then have three primary options. Again you can take a screenshot, you can begin a recording if you know you're about to do something maybe you're setting up to record like a tutorial or a guide and you want to begin the recording or alternatively you can select record what happened and from there you then have an option of a few different flashbacks last 15 seconds, 30 seconds 45 seconds, one minute or last two minutes. So you have a fair amount of kind of flexibility there.

Record, Delete, Share Game Videos, Xbox Series X

If you want to look at it straight away you can then hold down the Xbox button and it will again give you those options you can also then upload it directly to Xbox live. If you then want to be able to sort of you know share it with your friends and it is worth noting that if you happen to have the Xbox app on your phone you can then once the video is uploaded boot up the app on your phone, you can go up to your capture section and your video will then be there. It's still relatively simple to share something directly from your console but I'm sure we're all familiar with the fact that sometimes you know you want to share it to Twitter then you've got the kind of virtual keyboard that you have to scroll through and search the letters.

Meanwhile, typing on your phone is infinitely quicker. Go over to your phone select your screenshot select your clip you can then post it straight to social media or send it to your friends or message it around that way and just do it much quicker. 

Again jumping back to the console you can also go and edit your videos like you've done before. Very simple interface there and again you can then save it from there. Alternatively, if you go over to your settings menu and you go to capture and share. You can then take a look at the options there.

Now, it's worth noting being a 4k console if you have this hooked up to a 4k TV and you have you know the ability to output in 4k you can also record your videos in 4k 60 which is of course a nice step up from Xbox One X but more importantly when of course you're going through your options you can choose where to allow game captures. You can also influence by default what the record, what happened button does so as mentioned by holding down the button it will typically grab the last 30 seconds however, you can change this to anywhere from as short as 15 seconds up to one minute. Seems like the two minute one you're gonna have to manually go to the option. But again if you wanted to be able to grab something slightly more generous just in case you know you forgot it then changing it to the last 60 seconds will of course help from there. You can also change the clip resolution if you want to. Keep in mind if you do drop it down to 720 you can of course get a slightly longer clip for that kind of record what happened but again you know you're going to take a hit on quality so depending on whatever is most important to you.

Let’s take a very quick look at the recording functionality 

Now, on Xbox Series X I definitely like the new share button I think just having a dedicated share button is incredibly nice. You know not having to sort of like fiddle around or double tap anything, just simply having the dedicated button goes a long way but anyway for the time being that's it.