The Best Legendary Weapons and Items to Use in Godfall

In this guide, I’ll show you some really cool legendary weapons and items that myself and the team have got during our time playing Godfall. We've been blessing through the game, got to end game and we're starting to farm things like the Ascended Tower Of Trials and the Dream Stones, and we've got quite a lot of loots but a few of those items are incredibly cool some of them are just so powerful that they are drastically changing the way that we play and they're just kind of you know making some of the boss runs just like a walk in the park because they are so powerful so I thought I'd share those with you.


Let’s begin with the hammer. It looks incredibly cool but what's really awesome about this one is that whenever you perform a weapon technique, southern or northern your special abilities, basically it creates a time bubble that slows enemies by 30% and there's a two minute cooldown for this. Now you guys might have encountered this if you fought one of the later bosses. So you kind of know that those time bubbles can be incredibly potent and the crazy thing about this is that it works on all enemies even bosses. This quite literally lets you create large openings in boss’ defenses meaning you can get damage in without having to worry about dodging too much. So you know whether this gets enough in the future, we'll have to wait and see but for the time being dropping down a time slow bubble on a boss is just nuts.


Banner, the Standard Of The Golden Lion, Godfall

Then we have a Banner, the Standard Of The Golden Lion. Of course banners are you know an integral part of your loadout and while they might not look as fancy and flashy as weapons but it is worth mentioning here because it gives you + 30% weapon technique charge speed, shield charge speed and archon fury charge speed basically all the things that you want to be using. It gives you a big boost on their charge whilst you're within it so overall it's just a really useful banner as it allows you to refresh your powerful and useful abilities incredibly quickly.


Next up on the weapon front we have a Long Sword which is fast becoming my kind of second favorite weapon just because of these sort of timing attacks and some of the sort of speed of the attacks they're just so satisfying to use but the Sword Of Courage when you inflict bleed, you shoot up to two projectiles that each deal 3259 physical damage to an enemy. So assuming you can of course reliably inflict the bleed status. This does do devastating damage to enemies. It's much more useful in something like tower of trials because it's better against groups of enemies compared to say one larger enemy and you can then get buffs that increase your bleak chance. So definitely one to look out for.


After that we then have a charm the Ash Meteorite, where this one is incredibly potent whenever you hit a weak point you shoot projectile that deals 3488 physical damage and of course if you would pair that with a valve plate like illumina where you can then just reveal weak points at the drop of a hat then this is incredibly potent basically if you focus on weak points a lot. Then this is the one you definitely want to be equipping.


There's then an augment called Surety. I believe that's how you pronounce it. Where whenever you hit an enemy with your northern technique you expose the enemy's weak points and deal plus 84 weak point damage the next time you hit a weak point. So when you factor in the kind of typical gameplay flow you expose a weak point thus getting your 84 weak point damage and you then hit the weak point with that damage boost. It is just a surefire way to completely wreck enemies. It also exposes the weak points for your team. So it is very useful in a co-op setting.


And then finally the last one I want to talk about are the dual blades called the Storm flayers. While inner storm is active which is the northern technique for the dual blades, you apply soul shatter build up to nearby enemies and all your attacks deal soul shatter damage. Keep in mind normally that is of course reserved to the lighter attacks but with this it's any attack. So while in a storm you can quickly dish out insane damage as you gain an aura that applies soul shatter quickly to enemies and light attacks. Now proc soul shutter meaning you don't even have to use the slower heavy attacks to do so. So basically, if you want to kind of lean more into that soul shatter play style this is the one for you.


So for the time being that is pretty much it that's run down on some of the most noteworthy legendaries we've found so far.