The Best Settings to Play Warzone on Xbox Series X

In this guide, we’ll show you how to optimize your Call of Duty Warzone for the Xbox Series X and play the game smoothly at 120 FPS.

So first of all let's go to the settings. We'll start with the TV and Display option press on it. The first thing is your resolution. Normally you will see 720p 1080p and 4k. Here, I'm selecting 1080p because I want my full 120fps and normally just under the resolution you will have the earth option and you will have 60, 100 or 120 hertz you need to select the 120 hertz to get your 120 fps. You can't do it in 4k, you really need to go in 1080p and I've heard 2k also. So the 2k it's a 1440p.

After that I think that you can use is the 4k TV details. This is pretty much where you will have all the information about your TV and what's going on. 

After that Video Mode you have a lot of different option over there. If you can't allow auto low-latency mode then this option needs to be checked.

If you have the option Allow Variable Refresh Rate, this is pretty much the free sync, it needs also to be checked.

Allow YCC 4:2:2 - this is more like when you're playing a game in 4k, you will just have a better colors and stuff like that, less compression in your signal. So just checked it, you will probably use it if you play like 4k games with HDR and etc.

After that make sure that Allow 4k is unchecked really important.

Same thing for the Allow HDR10, you really don't want to use that and also Auto HDR unchecked.

The other option that you really need to make sure that everything is okay it's in video - Video fidelity & overscan. Make sure that your override is at auto-detect. 

After that you have the color depth just make sure that you're playing eight bits you can go like 10 and 12 but it will take more resources. Normally when you just play a 1080p 120FPS game you don't want to go crazy with this. So just stay at 8 bits.

So another thing that you can do is the network settings. You can change your DNS because sometimes your internet providers don't give you like good DNS so you can change it with the best one on the market. I will show you how to do that. Click on network settings - go at advanced settings after that you need to click on DNS setting and you need to press manual so write

After that press ok and the secondary DNS, this is pretty much again a backup plan if you like I don't know something happened with the primary DNS you don't want to lose internet because of this so you have a backup plan so this is and press ok so after that just go back and you will see an image called everything is good. So now you know that your internet is working and you have your brand new DNS.

So let's go back again. Now, we have a couple of options that we can change in the game itself so we're gonna open Warzone. Press, it will connect to the game. So right now Warzone is running very smoothly on the Xbox.


Best Warzone Settings, Xbox Series X

Now, let's press start and go to General. In General you have the World Motion Blur so this one you want to disabled and you want also to disabled the Weapon Motion Blur. Those one you don't want to use. Blur is more like it was created for console. For example you're playing a game and it's only 30 fps when you add blur it feels a little bit smoother less choppy. So that's why it's pretty much exists but when you play a competitive game remove this. You want like a clean and fast image. 

So this is pretty much it after that it's more like settings that you already know. For audio mix - I'm using Boost. I know a lot of people is asking me the question and also you can set the keyboard and mouse on the Xbox 3x. So that's really cool you just plug and play like USB mouse and keyboard. I did a couple of tests with them and honestly it's running like a PC. I'm really impressed with it like I don't have any issue with my sense or even the configuration of my keyboard. So that's good you have two different options that you can use your gamepad or your keyboard and mouse.