Unlock all Party Members, New Characters in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, there is a new glitch that allows you to unlock five new characters. It's very easy to do and you get a couple of different benefits.

So number one is you can have more people on the field to do puzzles. Do you need Geo beautiful get your Geo Traveler you can have them as your extra character and if you're doing this you can get tons of puzzles done while you're exploring. It's cool but if you try to teleport or try to go into a domain, this doesn't work. So for a lot of stuff it's not going to impact you but it does impact you for some other stuff. So are you fighting a world boss maybe you went up to a world tier you're having trouble, well now you've got an extra character. Maybe to take out shields, maybe to drop a Debuff whatever it might be you can use this on world bosses. As I said before you can explore around the map you can find some different puzzles and you're going to have that extra character to complete it. 

Another thing if you look at your party setup and you look at Element resonance, from what I can tell it applies different Elemental resonances. So you could actually have like multiple Elemental resonance with this and that is why that's really good. 

So step number one is you need to kill off one of your characters. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna alt click to open up your menu but at the same time you're gonna click amber three two one click both you see how it kind of glitch out there. 

Unlock Party Members, New Characters, Genshin Impact

Now, what you're gonna do is you're gonna go in your party setup, you're gonna change character from Amber. Let's go to Mona whatever we're gonna back out. Okay now we're going to revive Amber and you now have all five people in your party. Now, if you go to your party setup, it only shows the four Elemental resonance. 

Unlock Party Members, New Characters, Genshin Impact

It shows the multiple elements of resonance and if you back out you've still got all five you can swap them you can use them, it doesn't bug out, it works, it's beautiful.

Unlock Characters, Party Members, Genshin Impact

Now, you have the ultimate puzzling team and the ultimate boss fighting team.

Now, can you get banned for this, I have no idea. So use it at your own risk.