Best Warzone Season 1 Settings, Fix FPS Drops, Lag, Stutter

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to increase FPS and how to fix stuttering in new Warzone Season 1.


So first of all, open up your Game Mode settings then make sure that the Game Mode is at off because it's causing stuttering on Warzone.


After that Captures, make sure that the Background recording is at off and also Recorded audio is at off.


One last thing is the Xbox Game Bar make sure that the Xbox Game Bar is at off.


Also, all those Overlay just remove them or disable them when you're playing Warzone. So if you're using like Discord Overlay, Nvidia Overlay or AMD Overlay don't use them but you can use if you want MSI Afterburner to see like your FPS, CPU usage, GPU usage, temperature and stuff like that but don't use like some fancy overlay that promises you to give you a lot of different feature. It will make you lag.


After that open up your Graphics Settings, make sure that your Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is at on and then you’ll need to restart your PC to make sure it's applied. This will give you 3 to 4% boost if you have an entry level or mid-range PC. If you have like a high-end PC you will not see any difference in your FPS.


After that make sure that you update your graphic driver, download the latest one directly from the manufacture’s website. If you have an Nvidia video card then there are two settings that I recommend. The first one is the Power Management Mode make sure that you're using Prefer maximum performance and the other one is the Low Latency Mode use the On, don't use the Ultra. If you have an AMD card I'm pretty sure you have the same lag parameter for the power management make sure that you're using high performance.


Now let's go inside of the game to the graphic parameter.


First of all go to OPTIONS - go to GENERAL the only thing that I want to mention in GENERAL is the Field of View. This will have an impact on your FPS if you're going with 120 you're seeing a lot of stuff in front of you, you need to render more so sometimes you can lose a couple of FPS when you go too high with your Field Of View. For me, 90 is perfect.


Warzone Season 1, Best Settings, Fix FPS Drops, Lag, Stutter

So now let's go to the GRAPHICS.


First of all, make sure that Display Mode is in Fullscreen. I was losing FPS in Borderless.


After that make sure that you have your proper display monitor. For people who have a laptop make sure that you have your video card because sometimes you have like your integrated video card on your CPU and you have like a dedicated GPU make sure that you're seeing your dedicated GPU.


Next, Screen Refresh Rate - make sure that it's match your monitor. So for me it's 144, if you have like a 60 monitor it will be 60.


After that Render Resolution - go with 100. After my guide you're still struggling with your FPS you can't lower your Render Resolution to something like 95 or 90 because everything seems to go blurry after 90.


After that Aspect Ratio - I'm just playing automatic.


Next V-Sync - go with Disabled you don't want to create any input lag


Next Custom Framerate Limit - when I'm playing this game I'm using 144. If you want to use it, make sure to lock it with your hertz. For example your monitor is at 60 go with 60 over there and if you have like a 144 go with 144. This can be good for people with bad air cooling or just bad cooling in the computer. For an example you have a laptop when you start to play the game you're getting a nice 60 and sometimes you're getting random drops, it's because you have like a high temperature on your GPU or CPU. So your computers start throttling. So if you lock the FPS at 60 you will be better because your monitor is at 60 hertz. So you don't want to generate like 90 or 100 FPS and create more heat in your computer. So if you are struggling with some stuttering and you have high temperature when you play the game.


After that NVIDIA Highlights - make sure that this one is at Disabled.


NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - this one is a bit tricky sometimes I'm getting like random drop in my FPS and it feels like it's because of that but I feel like they fixed it like for the past month. So Enabled + Boost for me it's good right now but if you're losing a lot of FPS because of that go just with Enabled.


Restart Shaders Installation - If you have some issue with your Shader then this is where you can restart your shader and download it again.


After that Texture Resolution and Texture Filter Anisotropic just look at your V-ram usage. If you're good over there just go with High.


Particle Quality - I’m going with low here, but technically when you do your test high and low I'm seeing like a 2% FPS difference but I'm still using low because you know don't want any drop in your FPS when you're playing this game.


Bullet Impacts and Spray - go with Enabled.


Tessellation - again not like a huge thing on your FPS so you can go with All.


On-demand Texture Streaming - you can go with Enabled.

Daily Download limit - this is pretty much where you can limit daily download, you can add like some limit if you don't have a lot of space on your hard drive.


Streaming Quality - go with Normal.


After that Shadow Map Resolution - this one is really important if you compare Extra to Low you can gain 10 to 12 in your FPS. So put this one at low.


Cache Spot Shadows and Cache Sun Shadow – really depend on your ram, if you have 16GB of ram and more go with Enabled. If you have less Disabled this.


Particle Lightning - another one that can give you a lot of FPS, Ultra to Low a nice 8% boost. So go with Low.


DirectX Raytracing - Disabled don't use that.


Ambient Occlusion - another one that can give you a lot of FPS, if I compare Both to Disabled I'm getting 7% boost over there.


Screen Space Reflection - with Disabled you can gain a nice 5% boost.


After that Anti-Aliasing - go with Off, you will have more FPS and your game will be more clear.


Same thing with Depth of Field use disabled you want your game clear, you don't want some blurry stuff.


Filmic Strength - go with 1


World Motion Blur and Weapon Motion Blur - Disabled them.


The last one is the Film Grain - I'm putting this one at 0.