Find Bishop Herefrith after Wrong Choice: AC Valhalla

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Bishop Herefrith if you have made the wrong choice during the main mission called Where The Stone Falls in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.


So during Where The Stone Falls mission you're supposed to select a new leader, if you select the Bishop then you just select the order member to be the leader and that is the wrong choice. So if you go back to the location and try to assassinate him now, well you won't be able to. So this left many players scratching their head and leaving comments how do I find the Bishop if I made the wrong choice?


Bishop Herefrith, Wrong Choice, AC Valhalla

Well, it's a simple solution all you need to do is complete the Eurvicscire quest and then after you get back to your settlement and you turn in everything, you talk to Randvi, then you're going to get a letter saying that the Bishop turn. This will start the original assault that you were supposed to do way back when if you did not pick the Bishop to be the leader.


So everything will play out the same after you complete the Eurvicscire and you talk to Randvi, you'll do the assault, you'll find the Bishop in the church, assassinate him and then you'll be good to go.


  1. However - if you've already completed Eurvicscire before this then you are screwed, as this letter never arrives and you are badly stuck in a game dead end.


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