Fix Cyberpunk 2077 Crashes or Closes Shortly After Launch

I this guide, we’ll show you a simple fix for a really common crash with Cyberpunk 2077.

If the game starts up and then closes immediately or you're having random crashes, it could be caused by something very simple, which is an issue in a lot of games. 

So if you're running the game on steam and not the GOG launcher then this fix isn't going to completely apply to you, unless you have the COG launcher installed as well. In that case simply open it up click the Settings in the top left then click Settings once again inside, then click Game features and then make sure to un-check the overlay. 

This disables the GOG galaxy overlay, which seems to be causing a lot of crashes for a lot of people. 

By simply doing this, your game should no longer be crashing assuming you have the GOG launcher installed. However if you're still getting random crashes when you're starting up the game then it could be caused by other overlays and programs.

The first thing you can try and do is disable the steam overlay. Though I think it's very unlikely that this could be causing an issue. You can head into steam, hit steam in the top left followed by settings. Then inside you can head to the In-Game tab and simply make sure to uncheck “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game” option over there. I would highly recommend leaving this on for other games. 

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However as it's an incredibly useful overlay and if you're still crashing out after trying this you should go ahead and re-enable it. 

Then make sure to close everything on your pc that could be interacting with the game or hooking into it recording software, try closing any third-party recording software that you could have on your PC. 

Then for overlays you could have other software such as discord adding its own overlay which you can disable by clicking user settings in the bottom left. Heading across to overlay and simply turning it off and finally FPS or statistics overlays could also cause crashing. So if you have something like MSI Afterburner / River Tuna Statistics Server make sure that they are closed on your computer before actually launching it up. 

If for some reason you're still crashing try and restart your PC then make sure that all those programs overlays and the rest are turned off and closed and then try to launch up the game as you usually would.

Hopefully at this point you'll be able to play it as you'd expected. If for some reason you're still crashing out make sure that your graphics driver and Windows are up to date.

The fewer programs you have running in the background the less likely the game is to crash on launch.


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