How to Get Started Playing Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started playing Cayo Perico Heist in Grand Theft Auto Online.

So when you start your journey you have to wait for a message from Miguel Madrazo. This will take several minutes, if it's peak time it takes like 10 minutes if not restart and basically he wants you to meet him in the Music Locker located, a nightclub located in the Diamond Casino & Resort. Take the elevator inside the building and at the bottom you will see the Music Locker, there you’ll meet Miguel and he will explain the mission. 

So once it is done you are going to have to spend some money, head over to the Warstock Cash & Carry or have your group leader do so and at the top is the KOSATKA which is a submarine that’ll cost you 2.2m. From there you can adjust according to your price range. It can get very pricey. So if you have roughly 9m or a little bit over then you'll have yourself a helicopter and a baby submarine with inside your big submarine. 

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From there use your phone or hold the touchpad to open the Interaction Menu then go down to Services - go to your submarine (Kosatka), which is at the bottom and then request it. So when you request it, it will pop up in the water somewhere near you and then you have to go on to it.

I recommend requesting a Dinghy or the helicopter to come that way. So that you can get there quickly.

Last thing you need to do once you actually get inside of your submarine, there are two hatches by the way and the back and on back and front of the submarine you can go in that way.

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You will lastly need to open up, you need to be a VIP or a leader of an organization in order to actually access the Heist Board and from there you can invite your friends and you can also access the Heist and you can begin the Heist.