How to Unlock new Volkswagen Beetle, BF Weevil: GTA Online

In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the new Volkswagen Beetle or BF Weevil in GTA Online.

This vehicle came into play with the new Cayo Perico Heist update. You can also buy BF Weevil from the dealer.


How do you get the Volkswagen Beetle, BF Weevil in GTA Online? To get the Weevil, you should complete the Keinemusik missions. Once you complete this mission you’ll be able to unlock this car and also get the purchase price for it at the dealer.

You should do these missions to get BF Weevil: This is how it works: As a prerequisite, you must first complete the Cayo Perico Heist as a leader.

After completing the Heist, you will stay in the online session and wait for English Dave to call you. Then accept the request for the DJ mission, Keinemusik, from him on the cell phone.

After completing the mission you have to wait eight hours (real time, not game time). Then Dave will call you again. After all three requests, Dave will call you again and give you his car as a reward.

How to Unlock, Volkswagen Beetle, BF Weevil, GTA Online

Where can you find the car? - BF Weevil Location:  When you have completed all missions, you can pick up the BF Weevil on the top level of a parking garage at Los Santos Airport. If you enter the vehicle, you will be asked to select a garage for it.

Then you can drive the car to the tuning and customize it according to your wishes.