Skip Launch and Other Intro Videos in Cyberpunk 2077

In this article, we'll show you how to skip all intro videos in Cyberpunk 2077. So for the longest time when you click play you see not only the launcher but a CD Projekt Red Intro an Epilepsy Warning and then finally the Intro Video before you can get to the Main Menu. This is the normal default way of doing it, you click play through steam you get to the Red Launcher - you click play, you see the CD Projekt Red followed by an epilepsy warning and then finally after this unskippable screen. You can click space to skip it the main menu loads space bar once again and you're finally in game.

There is a way to remove Red launcher and part of the intro video that you’ll see at the beginning of the game. For that open up steam or your game store of choice, right click Cyberpunk properties and get your way down to the LAUNCH OPTIONS section. There in the box write “--launcher-skip -skipStartScreen”

Well, recently a mod was released to remove the unskippable epilepsy warning and CD PROJEKT RED icon appear at the very beginning of the game. You’ll find this in the NEXUSMODS store page. All you need to do is simply create an account and then log in to download the file. After logging in head back to NEXUSMODS NO INTRO VIDEOS head across the files tab and then simply click manual download after doing this scroll down and click Slow Download to start the free download. With a tiny file like this we don't need premium for a faster download. 

Open up the zip that we just downloaded and inside of it you'll find an archive folder which contains PC patch and then an archive file. What we're going to do is select the archive folder directly inside of the zip and then navigate across to where the game is installed. For this you can open up steam right click the game hover over manage and then click browse local files that'll open up a new file browser dialog and inside of it we have Redprelauncher.exe then BonusContent and Archive. What we're going to do is simply drag the Archive into the same folder so that we merge the new Archive with the existing Archive, after doing this you should see PC and then a patch folder inside of it. 

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Great now we've installed the mod, next time if we go ahead and launch up the game via steam including those two launch options we should see that we have no Red launcher at the very beginning. The screen goes black and then immediately afterwards we can click spacebar and after the main menu loads we're directly on it.

It's really simple and of course the game will function exactly as normal it doesn't change anything else other than the startup sequence. 

If your game is crashing a lot or you're changing settings that require you to restart your game very often or anything like that this is going to be an absolute life saver for you.