Solve Controller, Input Delay in Cyberpunk 2077

In this guide, we'll be showing the most common issue of input delay or lag caused by Windows or the game itself.


To begin we'll start with the game itself as it's most likely the cause of this issue.


First, open up the game and go to the settings menu then into the control section at the very top. Then simply scroll down and locate First-Person Camera (Controller) and make sure to enable Show Advanced Options at the very bottom.


Then head to the Horizontal Turning Bonus and Vertical Turning Bonus and change them to zero.


These changes will help you to get rid of input delay or lag from a controller, you also have Turning Delay and a couple of other options there that you can go ahead and play with but this is what we're mainly interested in Horizontal and Vertical Turning Bonus


Incase, if you're not using a controller, then there is another thing that you can try.


So head across to the Video tab at the very top and make sure that VSync is disabled if you have this enabled you will experience some input delay / lag. Especially, if you're getting very low FPS having it on will prevent screen tearing where the top half of the frame is rendered before or after the bottom half of the frame resulting in a torn picture. However, having it on will make sure that both of these parts are sync exactly which will cause some input latency.


On top of that, should make sure that the resolution there matches the resolution of your monitor and under the graphics section if you need to lower your graphics resolution set the Static fidelityFX CAS to on and lower the resolution scaling there until your fps is good.


Solve Controller, Input Delay, Cyberpunk 2077

You can enable Dynamic FidelityFX CAS.


Set a Target frames per second, Minimum Resolution and Maximum Resolution.


Then finally if you're still experiencing input lag you can try closing out of the game, and opening up mouse settings. Then all you have to do is click additional mouse options and then you'll have a new window pop up. Inside of there you'll head across to the pointer options section and you'll have a couple of options there. All you have to do is simply disabled Enhance Pointer Precision. This is some form of mass acceleration which can cause input latency or a sloppy feeling control within game. After doing that simply click OK.


Of course if you're still getting input delay make sure that you're actually getting good frames by enabling an FPS counter.


If for some reason you're getting very low FPS try lowering your graphics settings. If you've got a 20 or 30 series Nvidia card try disabling ray-tracing and enabling DLSS to get much higher FPS within the game.