The Best Settings to Run Immortals Fenyx Rising on PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Immortals Fenyx Rising smoothly on old and new PCs.

So first of all, I want to mention that I'm currently running a Ryzen 3900x plus an RTX 2070 also I'm using a laptop with Intel Core i7-7700K but the mobile version with the GTX 1060. So I'm doing two different tests with my two different computers. 

Right now this game is running well on my both computers, if I'm putting everything at ultra and I am getting between 85 and 95 FPS in 1080p and if I tweak a little bit the game I can get easily like 120 to 140 FPS. So this game is running really smooth. 

So first of all, let's start with Windows. Write game mode in your search bar and then open your Game Mode. Make sure that Game Mode is at off. This is really important, you don't want to cause any stuttering and any weird stuff with your game and sometimes with Game Mode is not very good and sometimes you can gain like 1 to 2 FPS but it's not worth all the problems that it's currently causing in a lot of games.

Next, Xbox Game Bar - make sure this one is at off also those capture settings. Make sure that Background Recording is at off and Recorded Audio is at off. 

Also make sure that you have the latest driver. So if you have Nvidia driver make sure that you have the latest one. Same thing with AMD and even Intel and if you're using any integrated GPU you want to make sure that you have the latest driver download directly from the manufactures’ website. Normally, with Nvidia and AMD you can gain like 5 to 7% boost if you have the latest version of your GPU.

After that GPU Scheduling - write GPU in your search bar - open the Graphics Settings. Then make sure that the Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is at on. Then you’ll need to restart your computer to make sure that it applies. If you have a desktop computer like my AMD Ryzen, I don't see any difference in my FPS but on my laptop I can gain like 3 to 4% boost in my FPS.

One more thing that I want to mention here is a new feature from the latest version of Windows - write refresh in your search bar and then open up the Advanced display settings and you can see your refresh rate over there. So in Windows 10 (2004) you have the option to change your refresh rate easily. So that's about it for windows. 

Now, we’ll go inside of the game and after that we will go in the config file.

In the game go to Option - go to Display. So first of all make sure that your Active Monitor is the proper one.

After that Window Mode - it is really important to play this game in full screen, don't go borderless. I think it's by default in borderless but go with Full Screen. You will gain 2 to 3% FPS. So it's not that bad.

Next, Aspect Ratio - don't touch it. Just play your native. 

Resolution - normally you play your native but after all my guide if you're still struggling with your FPS you will probably need to lower your resolution for something like 720p.

Refresh rate - it should match your refresh rate of your monitor. If you have 60, it should be 60 144 240 depending on your monitor.

VSync - I'm not using the v-sync I just like unlock it. I want like more FPS but it's not a competition game so you don't really care about the input lag of the v-sync. So if you're seeing a lot of stuttering when you're playing then just put your vsync app on. 

I'm not using any FPS limit.

Resolution modifier - Stay at 100, don't go lower than like 95 because after that it will go blurry and you will see pixel in your image. I prefer just to lower my resolution than touch the resolution modifier.

Field of View - I'm just playing 100. I feel like 100 is pretty decent for this game. Sometimes when you put the slider up for your Field Of View you will see more stuff in front of you. So you need to render more and sometimes you can lose FPS. So me I'm just like playing default.

After that go to Graphics:

So first of all Adaptive Quality - make sure that this one is at off.

After that Anti-Aliasing - this one is a bit tricky. I did a couple of tests. High vs. off and I was gaining like 3 FPS so I didn't understand what's going on with the anti-aliasing. Normally, you can gain a lot more with this. So just go with medium. 

The Best Settings, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Run Smoothly, PC

Next, Environment Quality - also I didn't get a lot of FPS if I compare Very High to Very Low. I was gaining like 6 fps boost. So go with something between medium or high. If you look at the V-ram bar over there if you go medium vs. high and very high are pretty much the same. So medium is a good balance for you guys.

Shadow Quality - if you have like a mid-range low-end computer the best graphic parameter to get the most of fps is Shadow Quality and Effects Quality. If you go very low with Shadow Quality you can gain like 10% boost in your FPS and it's pretty much the same thing with effects so go with very low in effects.

After that Texture Quality - this one I'm going with very high. It’s just depending on your V-ram. So look at your V-ram. Honestly, if you put everything at very high in this game I think you maybe hit like 3GB of ram. So it's not huge honestly, everybody can't run that but if you have like 2GB and less on your video card just go like lower your Texture Quality. It will help you a lot and don't go too crazy if you have like for example 3 GB of V-ram.

After that Screen Space Reflection and Ambient Occlusion - those one are a bit like shadow quality. So when you put them at off you can gain a nice boost. So 6% boost in your fps with those options.

After that Depth of Field - this one again I don't like it when you put this one at off you have some kind of focus that the focus is clear and everything else is blurry. So put that one at off. 

So now you just apply everything and we will go in the config file.

It's pretty easy to look at your config file, you don't have to go like in the app data. It's just like documents the name of your game and you have Immortals Fenyx Rising. Double click on it and you will have all your options in game and a lot of different other options.  Normally four means very high, 3 mean medium, 1 low and 0 very low. So you have a couple of stuff that you can change. So for example you can change the CrowdDensity by yourself, the Cloud over there you can put 1 if you want less and it will give you a nice boost.

The Rain effect if you feel like you're lagging and stuttering when you have rain you can lower that.

You can also change the Water quality, you can put one if you want.

So this is pretty much like last resort if you want to manually change your graphic parameter. You can do it over there to make sure that you optimize your game at 100%. 

So that's about it after that just like press Save and in the Immortals Fenyx Rising make sure that you block the file. So go to properties and make sure that you put read only to block the file because those options manually doesn't exist on the in-game setting. So each time that you close your game it will override your parameters. So if you put the read only it will block the file and you will keep your parameter.