Top 4 Strongest Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons, How to get them?

 In this guide, we’ll show you the top four most powerful iconic weapons that you can get in Cyberpunk 2077. Of course the game has so many weapons with different stats rarity and effects but these four weapons that are a 100% worth your time and you definitely need to pick them up.

So the first strongest weapon we have is Fenrir - this is a powerful submachine gun that is particularly powerful early on in the game. You can get this during the Losing My Religion Side Job, you find this in the north side of Watson where you help a monk save his brother. The reason this is a powerful weapon early on is due to the perk deals thermal damage with increased chance to apply a burn reduce bullet spread and increase bullet impact at the cost of high recoil. The thermal damage is very effective against human enemies and the increased impact makes staggering them incredibly easy while shooting. So if you happen to be speculating into this then definitely it's a good burn gun.

Next up on the list we have Widow Maker - this is a tech precision rifle which can be rapid fired or you can charge it up and whilst charging and aiming. You can also shoot this through walls like all tech weapons. This one excites me because it's basically like the far sight from perfect dark and who doesn't want to shoot enemies through walls. It's incredibly good if you want to have those sorts of stealthier play styles. Because of course you can do a lot of this stuff without being seen. You can get this by killing Nash and looting him in the optional fight with Panam. After you help get her car back and go take revenge with her. What makes this rifle special is its perk. Nash's rifle looks like he won't be needing it anymore. Fires two projectiles per shot and deals chemical damage with an increased chance to apply poison charged shots deal more damage. Well, not exactly match in the description. This weapon actually shoots six bullets in a small circle or in a straight line. When charged per shot this deals massive damage at both close range and long range making it a perfect all-round weapon. The weapon also really benefits from the Crunch mod, which grants increased damage. This applies to each of the projectiles which means it actually boosts the damage by time six, the amount.

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Next up on the list we have the Scalpel - this is a melee katana with a very powerful perk. Katanas in the game are just awesome and who doesn't want to run around with the Samurai sword, running towards bullets like an absolute madman and a badass. You can attain this by completing the Big In Japan side job which can be found by speaking to Dennis in the Afterlife Club. This is also the mission with The Office Easter Egg at the end. What makes this katana special is the perk, this deals electrical damage and while Sandevistan’s Cyberware is active it increases Crit chance by 50 and hits supply bleeding. Sandevistan is a Cyberware that allows you to dilate time increasing your damage and crit chance for a duration combined with the Scalpel's bonus 50 Crit chance then things die pretty quickly with this weapon.

Then the last one is Genjiroh - this is a smart pistol and if you struggle aiming in games then this might be for you. You can obtain this during the main story mission, play it safe while taking out the snipers. It's located in the room to the right of when you get at the elevator before the ladder on floor 21. The pistol is in a locked room behind a bar door that requires a technical ability of 11 to open or there is a keypad on the right and the code to open the door is 2906. The perk that makes this pistol special is that it fires four rounds per shot. It increases ammo clip size and protect our speed and can target up to six targets simultaneously, bullets will also deal additional electrical damage with an increased chance to apply shock. This of course makes crowds of enemies quite funny to kill as the pistol just hits everybody but do remember that Smart Link Cyberware is required to enable smart targeting on these weapons. 

So there you have it, that's a little rundown on four incredibly awesome weapons that you should definitely consider picking up if you haven't got them already.