Unlock V for Vendetta Trophy: Cyberpunk 2077

In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock V for Vendetta Trophy and Achievement.


So before you start your adventure you need to increase your attribute points because you're going to need to put 16 into body and you might not want to waste all of them into body.


So I highly recommend that you increase your body attribute points and then make a save before you go and attempt this.


This way after you unlock the trophy you can just reload that save and still have all your attribute points. So not only do you need 16 points into body you also need to get your Street Cred up to level 49.

How to Get the Second Heart and the V for Vendetta Trophy

Second Heart Location, Map, V for Vendetta, Cyberpunk 2077, Trophy Achievement

Once you have those two, just go to the Ripperdoc in Heywood and talk to the doctor. You can get the 2nd heart from there equip it go right outside the building start shooting at people then the cops were called. Let them kill you then you'll get revived, kill one of them right away and then you’ll be able to unlock the V for Vendetta Trophy and Achievement.


It's fairly simple enough to do but you need to collect some attribute points because you need to get at least 16 into body which depending on how much you've been using throughout the game that might be a little bit challenging here.