Best Settings to Run Eternal Return Black Survival on PC

In this guide, we’ll give you the best settings to run Eternal Return: Black Survival smoothly on your PC and also show you how to fix low frame rates, fps drops, lags and stuttering.


Black Survival is currently in early access so you don't have a lot of option inside of the game but I will show you how to make sure that your Windows is optimized for this game.


So first of all open up the game mode settings and then turn Off the Game Mode. I did the tests with and without and Game Mode and I was losing like 2 to 3% fps.


Also make sure that Xbox Game Bars are Off it's causing stuttering in the game and also you will lose a couple of fps.


Next, make sure that those capture background recording and recorded audio are at Off and also I recommend to disable all the Overlay that you're currently using. So Discord Overlay and Video Overlay.


Next, open up your Graphics Settings and make sure that your Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is at On. With this setting on my laptop I was getting like 3 to 4% boost in my fps but on my desktop I didn't see any difference.


The next thing that I recommend to do is on your Graphics Settings - go to Nvidia Control Panel then make sure in Manage 3D Settings that your Power Management Mode is at Prefer Maximum Performance.


The last one that I recommend to do is your energy plan on your computer. So open up your power settings and make sure that you're running something like High Performance or Balance don't use the Power Saver. You’ll lose a lot of performance because of that.


Next make sure that you update your driver. A lot of people don't update their graphic drivers so make sure that you have the latest driver for Nvidia same thing with AMD and even if you're playing on the Intel CPU with an integrated graphic card make sure that you're going on the Intel website and do your driver update.


So now we’ll go inside of the game. It's pretty easy just open the settings and go to Video and make sure that you're playing your native resolution and also make sure that your Refresh Rates’ match with your monitor. So if you have like 60hz screen go with 60hz.


Another thing that it's really important is your display mode. I saw a big difference between borderless and full screen. I was losing 3% of my fps with borderless.  So go with full screen really important.


Best Settings, Eternal Return, Black Survival, PC

After that for the Graphics - you have four different choices.


I did a test between each option and I was getting 3% boost on High to Ultra and High to Normal another 3% and for the Normal to Low I was getting 2% boost and I didn't really like the way my image quality was at Low. So honestly, if you're playing on the laptop just go with Normal and you should be fine. If you have like a mid-range computer you can easily play at High and if you have like a high-end PC go with Ultra.


For the V-Sync it really depends. If you don't uncheck it, honestly like you don't really care about input lag in this game I didn't see a big difference. So you can use it if you want.


Finally, the FPS Cap depending on your computer, if you have like good ventilation in your desktop you can easily go with No Limit, you need to disable VSync, but if you have like a 60hz screen don't go too crazy and you're playing like on the laptop you don't want to go with No Limit because if you generate more FPS you will generate more heat in your computer. You can have some throttling issue, so your CPU and GPU will start to go lower with their megahertz and you will have some drop in your fps, mini lag, stuttering and stuff like that. So make sure that you just lock your fps with the number of hertz that you have.