Best Settings to run Hitman 3 Smoothly on Low or High-End PC

In this guide we’ll show you the best settings run Hitman 3 on any low or high-end computer.


The first thing that I recommend is to remove your game mode, make sure that Game Mode is at OFF. I was losing a couple of FPS with game mode at ON and also I got some stuttering. So it’s really important to put this mode is at OFF.


Next, turn off the Xbox Game Bar and also don't use any overlays like discord overlay AMD overlay and Video overlay, don't go too crazy with the overlay you will lose FPS and you will get some stuttering also.


For the Capture make sure that the Background Recording is at OFF and the Recorded Audio of Windows is at OFF.


Another thing that you can do with your Windows is write GPU in your search bar and open up the Graphic Settings. Make sure that Hardware Accelerating GPU Scheduling is at ON. After that you will need to restart your computer to make sure that it's supplied.


Another thing that can be really important is make sure that you update your driver. If you have like Nvidia or AMD go on their website and download it directly from there. This is a triple a game so they will have like a dedicated graphic driver for this game and normally when you update for those dedicated driver you will get like 5 to 7% boost in your FPS.  So it's a pretty decent boost.


One more thing, it's your uh energy power plan make sure that you're using the proper one. So write energy in the search bar and open up Power and Sleep, Additional power settings make sure that you're using something like Balance or High Performance. It’s really important, sometimes I don't know why I saw a couple of people who comment about that they have like a gamer laptop and even when they plug in the wall they are at power saver so don't use the power saver make sure that using you use balance or high performance. You want to make sure that your CPU and GPU get the maximum energy that they can have to make sure that your boost clock and stuff like that are optimized.


Another thing that you can do is for your video card - right click on your control panel for Nvidia, you have pretty much the same thing on the AMD, just make sure that in Manage 3D Settings the Power Management Mode is also using the Preferred Maximum Performance or the Adaptative Optimal Power.

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Now, open up the game settings - let's start with the Graphic Parameter. So first of all make sure that your Graphic Processing Unit is the proper one. Normally, when you have like a Ryzen processor with a GPU you will not have any issue. So really important to see your video card over there.


Monitor - make sure that you're using your Primary.


Fullscreen Resolution - make sure that you're using the native resolution of your monitor.


Display Mode - I did a couple of tests and Exclusive Fullscreen seems that best for me.


After that the V-Sync - You can use it at ON. If you don't like tearing you can definitely use it but right now it's kind of complicated like some people are using G-Sync / FreeSync. Some people don't want to use V-Sync because it's create like input lag. This is more like a single player. So I don't really care, I prefer to have like small amount of input lag so that's why I'm using it.


HDR - I'm putting this one at OFF because I don't have an HDR monitor but it takes resources. So if you don't have a good PC and you have like a monitor compatible with HDR maybe you will need to remove the feature to make sure that you have enough resources.


Super Sampling - I play at one.


Level of Detail - here you will have a difference between 2 to 3% for each bracket. I'm going with low because I didn't see a big difference between Low and Medium, like 1% in my FPS but it decreased a lot my image quality. So Medium seems to be a good spot.


Texture Quality and the Texture Filter - it really depends on your V-ram. So if you have 4GB of V-ram and more go with High and 16x, 3GB go with Medium and something like 4x or 8x and if you have less than 2GB go with 2x and Low for the Texture Quality.


SSAO - this one is pretty much like shadow also huge impact Ultra to OFF you can gain 10% in your FPS.


Shadow Quality - Ultra to Low another like 8 to 10% in your FPS. If you just need something like 10 or 12% to make sure that you get your 60 or your 120 fps. This is pretty much where you can get your fps like the Ambient Inclusion and the Shadow Quality.


Mirror Reflection - this will cause more like the drop in your fps. You will not get more fps. So when you see a lot of reflection in the game and you're starting to stutter a little bit and you're getting some random drop it's probably because of the mirror. If you're playing on an integrated video card go with OFF with this one but if you have like a mid-range computer or even higher you can go easily with Medium or High.


SSR Quality - go with OFF


Variable Rate Shading - OFF


Motion Blur - OFF


Simulation Quality go with Base


So this is pretty much it. It's running well. Honestly, the game is well optimized and I don't have any issue with it.