Cyberpunk 2077: What is the 6th Attribute?

Some of you have probably noticed that within your characters’ tab in Cyberpunk 2077 there is a 6th skill tree, people have searched high and low to try and figure out why there is a safe attribute skill. When you hover over it, it glitches out, it has no name and does absolutely nothing.


So why is it? Well, speculation is rife on this one but firstly it's important to start from the very beginning so earlier on within the first gameplay trailers and footage we saw a sixth skill tree. Now, over time I do believe these were rolled up into one which we now see as buddy that may not be 100% correct. Names could have changed and others could have rolled into one. I am not certain but we had six then five which is fair enough but in my opinion after the years of development that's gone into this game and the fact the whole design and construct of that character attributes tab has changed. There shouldn't still be an empty skill as a result of them combining two that just wouldn't happen. So why is it here? Well, many people including myself believe this was actually meant to be a skill tree that progresses forward with us, which directly affects Johnny Silverhand in a way in which our relationship goes the one major point of evidence to this theory, which I know sounds crazy right now. But it's the fact that if you go ahead and start a new character, create a new V, apply those attributes and start the game, if you go into your character's tab and check there isn't actually a sixth skill tree there and guys what gets even weirder here is the fact that this sixth skill tree doesn't appear until you get a biochip plugged into your cranium, after that heist mission which again injects Johnny Silverhand into your head. Check for yourselves create a new character have a look there is no safe attribute but like I said as soon as you complete the highest mission go on to implant that biochip which contains Johnny, this seeps guilty or tribute then shows up.  So why and I honestly don't understand because I'm pretty sure this would have been something shown beforehand, before release but nothing has been mentioned. So why does this appear when Johnny becomes a part of you.

Cyberpunk 2077: 6th Attribute Explain

 Now, the speculation surround this is kind of big with many people thinking it's content that has been cut to meet demands on an earlier than release and was cut along with many other parts of the game. I mean this could be a possibility but if I'm honest I don't think it was some people believe this will be part of a future content DLC expansion where we will get a new attribute skill with extra levels at the same time this makes sense to me but what doesn't make sense is the fact it still only appears when Johnny enters your body.  So why would it be added when Johnny enters us if it's for future content that doesn't make sense. What I actually think is that this is added just to show us that Johnny is now a part of us as this whole skill tree attribute page is basically our soul of our character when Johnny becomes a part of our soul.

He's added there. I don't think there was ever any intention for us to be able to upgrade perks there. I don't think anything was ever caught either let's face it this game is crazy in depth even if a lot of that depth has been taken away being quiet the game what remains is still crazy and this is just one addition to that one little extra feature. This six skill tree is Johnny nothing more, nothing less I mean I hope I'm wrong and this is for the future but I just don't think that's the case but people tell me your thoughts on the comments  down below. What do you think this safe tree is? Do you think it's cut content? Content for the future or do you think it's just there to represent Johnny when he is a part of us?