Fix Star Wars Battlefront II Low FPS, Lags, Stutter on PC

In this guide we’ll show you how to fix Star Wars Battlefront II (2021) low FPS, lags and stuttering on high-end or low-end PCs.


So let’s start with Windows. First thing that you really want to do is remove the game mode it's causing some issues in this game. So remove the game mode. For me it was causing stuttering and I was losing a couple of FPS with the game mode at on.


Next, disable the Xbox Game Bar really important to put it at off and all those capture stuff, background recording and recorded audio at off also remove all those overlay that you're currently using. Discord, the origin one is causing a lot of problem with the this game so make sure that it's disabled and all the other like overlay that you're currently using.


Next, open up the GPU (graphics) settings and make sure that the hardware accelerated GPU scheduling is at on.  After that you will need to restart your computer to make sure that it's applied.


One more thing is the driver, make sure that you have your latest driver. So if you have AMD or Nvidia make sure that you do your update and even Intel don't use the search for driver from Windows. Go to the Intel website and download the latest one.


Now, let's go in the game. In the options settings right click the Video.


So first of all the FULLSCREEN MODE - it is really important play this game at full screen borderless, I was losing 2 to 3% in my FPS.


After that the Resolution - me I always use my native resolution. So if your monitor is 1080p go with 1080p 2k whatever that you're currently using and make sure that your refresh rate is matching your monitor. So if you have 144 hertz monitor you should see 144 hertz. I see a lot of people are playing at 60 when they have like on 144 hertz screen and they didn't even know.


Star Wars Battlefront II, Fix Low FPS, Fix Lags, Fix Stutter

For the High Dynamic Range don't use auto make sure that you're playing at OFF except if you really want like hdr because I don't know you're playing the solo mode and you really want this effect.


For Directx 12 use Directx 11. So put it OFF - it is really important I was losing like 8 to 10% of FPS on my RTX 2070 when I was using Directx 12 and on my AMD card I was losing like 6%. So it is not well optimized to use Directx 12, so just play 11 and you will have more FPS.


Vertical Sync - I’m not using it I don't want any input lag and I'm not getting any tearing when I play this game. So I just stay at OFF.


Field Of View - it's a bit weird in this game. I think by default it's 55 so it's a preference thing. Me I always play this game at 90.


Motion Blur Amount - you don't want to use that except maybe if you like the effect but normally when you play a multiplayer FPS game just put this at Zero.


Filmic Effect, Film Grain and Lens Distortion - all those three I'm putting those at OFF. I don't want those effects when I play multiplayer game and you can gain like 2% in your FPS.


Resolution Scale - play at 100. This is pretty much last resort if after all that the stuff that you change after my guide, you still don't get your objective of FPS for sure you can lower your resolution scale but don't go under 90 because after that your game will look very blurry and you will have like some pixel and stuff like that.


Graphic Quality - make sure that you're using Custom because we want to custom all those options over there.


So next Texture Quality and Texture Filtering - if you have 4GB and more of VRAM on your video card you can play Ultra and if you have 3GB go with High if you have 2GB go with Medium unless that 2GB go with Low.


Lighting Quality - I recommend Medium for this one. Between Low and Medium I didn't see a big difference in my FPS and my lighting was better but when you go at High and Ultra you will see that it takes a lot of resources. So medium is a good.


Shadow Quality - This one is huge, if you compare Ultra to Low you can get 10 to 14 % increase in your FPS. So it is really important put this one at Low.


Effect Quality - this one is a bit tricky. So if you're getting some random drop when you're fighting just lower your effect quality and if you're playing with an integrated video card, a laptop go with Low it will help you a lot.


Post Process Quality - this will not give you a lot of FPS but you want to put this one at Low.


Mesh Quality - this one has a huge impact on your FPS if you compare like Ultra to Low you can get like 8% boost. So huge depending on where you are right now on your objective with your FPS go with Medium or Low but this one is really important.


Terrain Quality and Tearing Groundcover is a bit like the lighting. I feel like when you go Low you will not get necessarily a lot of FPS. If you go with Medium you will get a better image quality. So that's why you should go with Medium.


Anti-Aliasing - you just have two options. You can't really remove it so go with TAA Low and it's not that bad.


So the last one is the Ambient Occlusion - this one is kind of huge. If I compare like Advanced AO and or even HBAO it's a bit like shadow quality you will get a lot of FPS. So if I compare this one to OFF I'm getting like 5% to 6% boost. So it's pretty, it's huge, the game will feel weird without the Ambient Occlusion. So again if you're playing like solo go with HBAO but if you are playing multiplayer then just remove it - OFF.