Galaxy S21 Ultra: Best Phone to Capture High Quality Images

So the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has been regarded as one of the best smartphone cameras to buy in 2021. However, one of its marquee feature, the ability to zoom 100x and onto the moon, has come under the scanner because the results were actually too good to be true.


The S21 Ultra has two telephoto cameras. One is a 3x zoom and another is for 10x optical zoom that can do 100x digital zoom.


So most S21 Ultra users are showcasing that ability by clicking pictures of the Moon where the S21 Ultra was able to capture clear details and craters on the lunar surface. This was particularly exceptional as such photos would need a dedicated zoom lens on professional cameras, along with stabilization like a tripod. The fact that a phone could provide comparable results was truly mind-boggling.


So now some people are saying that these photos are fake, Samsung is pulling a Huawei here by overlaying a fake image of the moon over the moon photo taken with the S21 Ultra. Turns out, it's not the case!


Samsung isn't faking these incredible moon photos!


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They are actually real!


To test this, Inputmag did quite a lot of investigation where they asked a lot of tech reviewers about this including Max Weinbach who said that he found absolutely no overlaid texture files of the moon present in the phone camera’s APK.


Max Weinbach, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Moon Images, Samsung, Best Camera Phone

On top of that Inputmag also did a test where they side by side took the image of the moon from S21 Ultra and from Sony A7R III a full-frame mirrorless camera and 600mm zoom lens, a rig that cost more than three times the price of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.


And as you can see, the patterns between the photos do line up pretty perfectly.


In fact, they overlapped both of these photos and the details and the craters on the lunar surface lineup perfectly.


So unlike, Huawei Samsung's is not overlaying any textures or adding fake images on the moon.


To do that the phone would have to be collecting extremely precise measurements to get the angle of the craters just perfect which is an awful lot of work as Inputmag says just to sell the phone with 100x moon mode.


What is actually happening here is Samsung is using Artificial intelligence.


With the help of AI, up to 20 frames are captured and processed at instantaneous speeds.


It then evaluates and corrects thousands of fine details to produce detailed images even at high magnification levels.


Basically, the phone harnesses the power of AI to detect the Moon and optimize the image brought in by the telephoto lens and enhances the final result.


Now, you might say so they admit they use AI right!


Well, all phone makers use AI for their computation photography such as to sharpen the image, to improve color or exposer...all of these are done with the help of AI.


So just like that Samsung is using AI to enhance the moon photos by adjusting the exposer, sharpening, etc,


So the bottom line unlike Huawei there's no overlapping of a fake moon layer is happening on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.


These moon photos are indeed real.