Galaxy S21 Ultra to Support S Pen, Comes W/ Case to Hold

Now, we are less than two weeks away from the Galaxy S21 Unpacked Event and Samsung has finally confirmed the 2021 Unpacked Event. The company is now sending out press invites for the virtual event and is welcoming everyone to the Everyday Epic.

They posted a teaser video which depicts the new Galaxy S21 camera module design hidden inside an opaque cube. The exact meaning will surely be explained on the virtual stage on the 14th of January.

Anyway, we have quite a lot of new Galaxy S21 Ultra information starting with the S Pen. Here is the first official look at the S Pen of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.


Galaxy S21 Ultra, S Pen, Case, S21 Ultra Price, Release Date


Now it's hard to tell the physical differences between this S Pen and the one we have on Galaxy Notes but it certainly looks more like the S Pen of the Galaxy Tab than the Note. 


You can see the side button which will allow you to access menus and potentially a remote shutter control within the camera app. Though there will be no “clicking” mechanism at the top of the Pen. It will support many of the same S Pen features as previous Note devices. It will reportedly have a pressure-sensitive tip, gesture controls via an accelerometer, and controls for playing and pausing videos or remotely taking photos.


Now, since there won't be a slot to put this pen inside the phone, Samsung has made a separate case for it, and here is the first look at it.


Galaxy S21 Ultra, Case Holder,  S Pen Holder,  Cover

It's a flip cover case and as you notice it's wider than the handset itself to allow space for the S Pen.


We also have pricing information. The S Pen will need to be purchased separately and it will cost somewhere around $40.


Here are some pre-order details for the S21 lineup. Those who pre-order the S21 from January 14th to 28th will get some free accessories and those are SmartTag and Buds Pro for free with the S21 Ultra and SmartTag and Buds Live with the S21 and S21 Plus. As usual not every country will get this same offer. The United States, Europe and some other select markets will get this and others will get different pre-order bonuses.


We also have updated information about the MicroSD card situation on the S21. Previously it was rumored neither of the S21 Variants will get the expandable storage but it seems that may not be entirely true. As Roland Quandt has updated his tweet saying the S21 Ultra will be the only S21 handset to get a microSD expansion. The rest of them will not get it.

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