Long Battery Life, Best Features in Galaxy S21 Ultra

Finally, Samsung has released a long battery life phone. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has the best battery life on any smartphone out there.


Much of this credit goes to the new 5nm chipsets which are not only powerful but at the same time are power efficient too. There's one more reason why the Galaxy S21 Ultra outperforms the competition in battery life even though the competition is also using the 5nm chipsets. Well, that's because the Galaxy S21 Ultra also uses the world's first power-efficient OLED panels that consumes 16 percent less power thanks to a newly developed organic material that can create brighter light while consuming less power, which improves the battery lifetime.


No other smartphone has this display, not even the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus.


I have been using Galaxy S21 Ultra for a few days now, and I can confirm that the battery life on this phone is really good which is refreshing to see on a Samsung phone after a long time.


The phone was 100% charged when I woke up yesterday and it's almost evening the next day and the phone still has some juice left, which wasn't possible on the Galaxy S20 Ultra or Note 20 Ultra.


So not only you have the best display on this phone that can go crazy bright but also it doesn't drain the battery as the previous displays.


Long Battery Life, Best Features, Galaxy S21 Ultra

After using the S21 Ultra I can finally say this is how a true Ultra phone is actually made. Unlike last year's Ultra phones, they haven't compromised anything with this phone.


You can actually see the difference when you turn on 120Hz at WQHD+, everything just looks better.


It's the biggest problem I had with last year's Ultra phones but glad Samsung isn't making us choose between high res and high refresh rate.


Also, you can notice the bigger Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.


Not only it's faster than last time but also you're very unlikely to have a failed unlock attempt since the scanning area 77% bigger than last year's phones.


The phone came with one very thin protector, almost invisible in fact, applied in the factory.


It's plastic and will be good only against scratches, but it's still better than nothing.


Then there is the glass back, which is now matte, and I love the frosted feeling while touching it.


Unlike the Note 20 Ultra, it's not slippery at all but easily catches fingerprints.


Compared to the S20 Ultra, it's a tad shorter due to a smaller screen. But even though it is no thicker or heavier than the S20 Ultr,. the S21 Ultra feels bulkier because of its shorter curves.


You can use any stylus with this phone, as you can see it works with Note 20 Ultra's S Pen too but the Bluetooth functions won't work for now.


The advanced S Pen features will come with a software update once the Bluetooth S-Pen Pro launches later this year. Tthe latency is 9ms just like the Note 20 Ultra.


Since the camera sensor size is big in this phone, it can take amazing macro shots.


You don't even need to toggle a button on-off, just take the phone near the subject and it will automatically switch to the macro shots.


The speakers on this phone are louder than the S20 Ultra. The vocals are well presented, the high notes play nice, and the bass is decent. It's comparable with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


As for the performance, this is a beast of a machine, the most powerful hardware so far, so without a doubt, it is and will continue to be a powerhouse for the next couple of years.


Things are done effortlessly on the Ultra, no matter the app or game, resolution, and frame rate.


I've been testing a couple of games on this and I couldn't reach the point where I'd notice throttling, not even when running a game for a long time. And that's more than enough by my books to be happy with the performance and the power management.