New AC Valhalla Update 1.11 Everything you need to know

A brand new Assassin's Creed Valhalla Update (1.11) is available now and it focuses on fixing many of the issues with the game. In this article I’ll show you everything you need to know including changes to the damage of the harpoon impalement ability.


One of the first things I tried was the knee gate fall damage tactic where you would go to the menu before hitting the ground. Ubisoft noted in the patch notes that they would indeed remove this but I still wanted to try it out.


Now, when going out of the menu you will still see the amount of damage that you would normally take making that Breakfall skill that you of course find in the skill line even more useful.


Now, we got some new previews for the colorblind options in the game, which you can of course access by going to the options menu. So that is really great and if we go to the subtitle options we now got a better in-game representation of what the increased subtitles for example look like red eye has also been fixed and then I mean his scary and glitched out face when looking at him with the photo mode from a distance, like if you do it now after the update he looks fine no more nightmares.


Ubisoft also notes that daily quest will now be reset whenever the game detects that it's not possible to continue or restart the quest. The quest may then be reactivated at the informer. This is a fix to make sure that people can still do two daily missions per day, which is great. What I found is that when dying for example you will see the pop-up of the daily missions.  Not sure if this happened before, otherwise if you lose them you should be able to go back to redder or one of his employees in the world.


Now, if you have an empty quiver or pouch before you upgrade it, like if you didn't upgrade it you will actually refill the full amount. So then you suddenly got all your arrows back which is quite nice.


New Update, AC Valhalla, Update 1.11, Quiver Upgrade

We tried to remove the Meri Lwyd outfits after the update, of course you get this in Gloucestershire after completing the main story arc but now when fast traveling out of that region you can remove the Cloak and it should be immediately removed, which is also great.


Bjorn was first a jumps Viking, weirdly enough when you would talk to him while you get him at the end of the way of the Berserker mission that you can of course get at the Ubisoft connect section of the game, if you don't have it yet so because you could interact with him in your settlement and then you would get the jumps Viking menu you would be out of your crew every time. Ubisoft now fix that, if you now walk up to him in your settlement he will be part of your crew and you cannot like talk with him and see the jump spiking menu.


When I read the rebalanced initial damage dealt with the harpoon impalement level one and two line in the patch notes I was really curious what the impact of the change would be. First, I thought this would be linked to the damage to do when putting the harpoon around the character but that seems to be the same like before the update, the shield bandit dealing 22 damage and now after the update you still get 22 damage. Now the damage that has been changed seems to be for the level 2 attack where you pull an enemy towards you in slow motion. Before the update I would deal 238 damage but now on the same enemy 177. So it seems like they decreased the damage you do with the harpoon by 25%. The ability is still great though to throw enemies against the environment or against each other.


The most impactful new thing with this update are the new Ubisoft connected challenges that you see by going to the Ubisoft connect section of the game. Now, we got a community challenge where we have to perform any kind of assassinations to get 10 Opals. So all you need to do is assassinate one target to get a reward. So kill a dummy for example to already claim the price.


We also got solo challenges for recruiting a jumps Viking which I already completed because you can of course easily do that by going to the one in your settlements. For one you have to win a dice game and perform 50 kills by using a light shield and by just performing 100 kills in general. So you got one week starting every first day to complete these challenges and then we get a 30 extra opal per week which is awesome and you also get XP that counts towards your Ubisoft connect profile and then you get new points that you can spend on rewards.


Some small but good things to know are that enemies will now not be auto looted anymore when showing a weapon against them that then takes them out. So you still have to run towards them to loot them. Sometimes the auto loot would not work when doing a stun finisher but now you will see the loot icons appear and it was also an issue with the mentor set where the gear perks sometimes did not activate even though two to four pieces of the set were equipped. So we now tried it and combined it with the faint armor set and the perks for both armor sets were active. So really great the added.