The Best Settings to Run The Medium Smoothly on Any PC

In this guide, we’ll show you how to play The Medium, horror video game, smoothly on any PC without FPS drop, lag or stuttering.


The game is not running smoothly right now, if you have an RTX card for sure go with the DLSS. In this guide, you’ll find how to optimize your FPS but if you can't run the DLSS mode it will be rough.


So we’ll start with an optimization of Windows. So first of all the Game Mode make sure that your Game Mode is at OFF. I did a couple of tests with this game and I was losing FPS like 2 to 3% and also I was getting some random stuttering. So it’s really important to put the Game Mode at Off.


Also the Xbox Game Bar put at OFF.


I also recommend to just disable all the overlays that you're currently using like the one from discord AMD, Intel whatever overlay that you're using.


The last one is the Capture Mode make sure that your Background Recording is at OFF and your Recorded Audio is at OFF.


Also make sure that you have the latest driver for your video card, it's a triple a game. Normally, when you do your updates and they have like normally dedicated driver for your video card, you can gain like 5 to 7% boost in your FPS.


One more thing that you can do is the GPU Scheduling. So open the Graphics Settings and make sure that your Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is at ON.


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These settings will give you nice boost on entry level and mid level computer, you’ll get like 3 to 4% boost in your FPS. If you have a high-end computer you will not see the difference.


Also, you need the latest version of Windows and you need something like the Nvidia 1000 series and above to make sure that your video card is compatible with this feature



So now let's go inside of the game, go to Settings and DISPLAY - first of all make sure that your Display Target is your proper screen.


Ii recommend to play native for the Resolution so if you have a 1080p screen go with 1080p. If you really need more FPS you will need to lower your resolution scale.


For Full Screen go with ON you will lose FPS and you will have some stuttering issues if you go at OFF.


HDR: for me I don't have an HDR screen so it's at OFF.


Retracing: in this game I'm going to run retracing on my Xbox 3x but on my PC I'm going to go with OFF. It's taking a lot of resources.


Quality: go with custom.


V-Sync: this on I'm going with OFF but honestly it doesn't change anything. it's a solo game so if you have some tearing just put your V-Sync at ON. If you have G-Sync, FreSync use that but me I'm just putting the V-Sync OFF and I'm not getting any tearing so that I'm just staying at OFF.


Max FPS: I'm going with Unlimited. If you have issue with the temperature of your computer maybe lock it to the amount of FPS that you will use. So for example if you're running like your game at 60 go with 60. You can also limit it on the Nvidia software. So it really depends on your preference but I see my GPU going over 70. So I'm going at 72. So watch your temp because you will lose some boost in your FPS and it will cause stuttering, you will lose FPS. So really important to look at your temperature GPU and CPU.


Base Quality: I'm just going with High


Antialiasing: If you have an RTX card go with the DLSS. If I compare DLSS with TXAA for example TXAA with resolution scale at 100% with the DLSS I'm getting like 155 FPS, with TXAA I'm getting like 112, 110 so I'm losing a lot of FPS with the Antialiasing. So if you have the DLSS, I recommend the DLSS Quality High I try Medium and Low yes you're getting more FPS but honestly it doesn't look good with the DLSS. So just go with the DLSS. If you don't have DLSS, I recommend FXAA or even remove it. Don't use the TXAA. It's taking a lot of resources you can like use TXAA for if you have like a brand new Radian 6800 something like that but if you have like a mid-range or low-range computer just go with FXAA or None.


Resolution Scalability: don't touch it if you're using the DLSS go with 70. If you're using like a normal anti-aliasing go something like 100. They don't give you like the option you can't really put it at 90 or 95. The other bracket is 75 but 75 it's too low your image quality will be too low.


After that Shadow Quality: really important to put that one at Low. If I compare High to Low you will get like 8 to 10% over there and Ambient Occlusion when you remove it you're getting another 6% boost in your FPS.


For the Texture Quality: this one is really depend on your Vram. So for example if you have more than 4GB go with High, 2GB or 3GB go with Medium and if you have less than 2GB go with Low.


After that the Screen Space Reflection: this one for me I don't really need to change anything else because right now I'm getting like the proper amount of FPS but if you're still struggling with the FPS this one will give you more FPS. It's like 4 to 5%. So you can put this one at OFF.


For the SSS Quality: go with Low, you will gain another 2 to 3% boost.


Separate Translucent: you can stay at ON


LPV: by default it's at OFF, don't go with ON. It's taking a lot of resources you will lose a lot of FPS with this one.


Effects Quality and Shaders Quality: you're getting a nice amount if I compare Medium to High, so High to Medium I'm getting like 3 to 4% for each one. So I recommend Medium for those one.


MotionBlur: go with OFF you're not getting any more FPS with this one.


The last one is the Lens Flares: go with Medium, High to Medium I'm getting 3% boost Medium to Low I'm getting 1% boost. So really important go with Medium.