Warzone New Patch 2021 and Weapon Update Guide

The big Warzone weapon update that we've been waiting for quite some time now has finally arrived. So in this article, we just wanted to cover exactly what changed with the weapons and my thoughts on the new changes to see if they were actually enough.

Now, the first weapon that's received some considerable nerfs is the DMR 14 we all know it has been ridiculously overpowered since it was added into the game. The first nerf it received was a reduction to its headshot damage as we all know dealing 175 damage per shot to the head was just ridiculous and made it overpowered at all ranges. So that has now been dropped. So it won't just be a two shot kill anymore which made it so difficult to move anywhere on Warzone without being taken out. Now, they only changed the headshot damage on the DMR. So it'll still deal 60 damage for a shot to the chest and maintain that 370 rounds per minute fire rate but what's made it definitely not as viable and meta as it has been is an increase in the gun's recoil. This makes it much like the EBR. So you can't have that tight bullet grouping when you're firing the DMR at its max fire rate so you won't be able to absolutely shred an enemy team before they even have a chance to react. If you still want to use the DMR then you need to be a bit more controlled with your fire and shoot at a fairly steady rate which is still viable but not as broken as it has been. Now, those are the changes to the DMR 14.

However, the DMR 14 wasn't the only overpowered tactical gun that we had in the game, we also had the type 63 which in some areas was actually more powerful than the DMR as it still did that 175 headshot damage but also did 72 damage to the chest instead of 60 that the DMR did. So the type 63 has had the same kind of treatment from Raven Software having its headshot damage reduced. So you can't take someone out as quickly or completely take someone out of the game with a single bullet which is in all honesty only a good thing. Then the type 63 has also had an increased in recoil which sort of concerns me as the type 63 still kick like crazy in comparison to the DMR. So I don't think this will still be viable in the meta but with that 73 chest damage it needed to happen as it was still only a four bullet kill to the body but it'll be interesting to see if the type 63 still stands out.

Warzone, New Patch 2021, Weapon Update Guide

Next, the Mac 10 which was very quickly becoming the only SMG that anyone would use in Warzone has also been nerfed but not as badly as some people were expecting. It's still going to deal 25 damage for a shot to the chest and fire at 1111 RPM but what Raven have gone ahead and changed is its head shot modifier. So it will no longer deal 40 damage for a headshot but will be more like 32 which is going to drop that time to kill on really skillful players that were able to land a lot of headshots consistently. 

Personally, I'm really happy about this as it's going to make so many of the other SMGs in the game more viable though could see the resurfacing of the R9 Dragon Breath Shotgun but we'll have to wait and see. Then they did one final weapon change which I think was probably the most important change out of all of them and that was the nerf to the diameters which weren't just one of the most overpowered guns up close but they also allowed you to grab ghosts straight away from your first loadout drop and still be dominant at a distance with the DMR14 and up close inside of buildings with those dual diameters. So what they've done to nerf the diameters is nerf all dual wielding pistols by increasing hipfire spread. So it's harder for you to hit multiple consistent shots from your bursts and then decrease the gun's damage range. So you really need to be up close to an opponent to achieve those higher damage numbers. 

Overall, I'm happy with the changes that they've made and I'm excited about seeing which weapons now rise to the top of the meta.