What is Sprintout Time and How to Get Rid of it in Cold War?

In this article, we’ll explain you what is Sprintout Time in Black Ops Cold War and we’ll also share a little trick that helps you to get rid of Sprintout Time in this game.

Many players have misconceptions about what Sprintout Time actually means in Black Ops Cold War. Now, in game Sprintout is referred to as Sprint To Fire but essentially what this means is when you're sprinting and you pull the trigger to fire your gun as you're sprinting, it's the amount of delay between when you pull that trigger and when the gun actually goes off. It has nothing to do with your aim down sight time. Many players think Sprint Out Time means Sprint To Aim Down Sight Time but that isn't quite accurate Sprint Out Time is your Sprint To Fire Time. 

So now there's a perk that I wanted to discuss here that is Gung-Ho and in the past with Gung-Ho in some games it reduces your Sprint Out Time or eliminates your Sprint Out Time and the reason I wanted to bring it up in this guide is a lot of people still don't realize that Gung-Ho in this game doesn't affect your Sprint Out Time. Now, it does allow you to fire while sprinting which is interesting and you might be thinking how does that work?  If you can fire while sprinting then how does it not eliminate your Sprint Out Time? Well, it's quite simple, if you're sprinting while using Gung-Ho and not firing your gun when you pull the trigger to fire your gun then you still have the sprint out delay that you have to wait for before the gun actually goes off. But the difference with Gung-Ho is you continue sprinting as you're firing your gun whereas without Gung-Ho the moment you pull that trigger you will stop sprinting. So that's a really big key point that I wanted to point out in this guide.

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In Black Ops Cold War Gung-Ho doesn't change your Sprint Out Time at all however, this is where I wanted to get into the little trick and this is a way that you can get rid of your Sprint Out Time in this game. So when you pull the trigger as you're sprinting the gun will go off immediately and this is something some of you guys may have seen before. It's not exactly a brand new thing that I just discovered. It's been floating around in the community for a little while now but with this all you have to do is, have a piece of equipment in your hand. So if you have like a Tomahawk or a Semtex Grenade pull it out as if you're gonna throw it but don't actually throw it just hold it in your hand and then if you're using Gung-Ho you can start sprinting around. If you aren't using Gung-Ho you can't sprint while doing this. So it's kind of useless but if you pair this with the Gung-Ho perk you can sprint around with that in your hand. Obviously this doesn't work for Frag Grenades because they will just explode in your hand and you can sprint around the map and then when you pull the trigger don't let go of your equipment and your Sprint Out Time will be instant. 

Now, this can be a really cool tactic for certain situations and certain setups. However, there is a big trade-off here and that is you can't get aimed down sight really quickly by using this method. You have to either throw that piece of equipment first or you have to press the button that cancels it which is triangle on PlayStation for instance and then you'll be able to aim down sight. So it is a really sort of specialized trick and it's not something I'm going to be using all the time. But if I'm going for specific challenges then yes I'm going to be using this and the really big one here that actually helped me out a lot as I was grinding for camos was on the RPG. When you're using launchers they have a really high Sprint Out Time. So if you're sprinting around the map and then you run into an enemy player and you want to fire that rocket there's gonna be a massive delay before the rocket goes off and in many situations you're gonna be dead before you can even fire it. When you use this trick as you're sprinting around the map you just have to pull the trigger and the rocket goes off like instantly and this helped a ton with the launcher camos for me. 

Additionally, this can be used really effectively with LMG builds that are designed for hip firing. So if you maximize an LMG for hip fire, you can run around the map like crazy using Gung-Ho and this little trick and you can be hip firing people really quickly because without using this trick the Sprint Out Time on LMGs is very slow and yeah those are really the two biggest uses for this sprint out trick. I wouldn't do this trick with like an SMG for instance because even though they have a Sprint Out Time it's not so painfully long that it's worth completely going out of your way to cancel that Sprint Out Time.

So hopefully you guys found this little trick useful.