Battle Pass Rewards Guide: Season 2 Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 2 will introduce a brand new battle pass with all new items for you to earn through playing the game. These rewards are not just exclusive to Black Ops Cold War but will also be included in Modern Warfare and War Zone.


Just a reminder that playing in any one of these three games will count towards player and battle pass progressions.


The new battle pass will begin on the 25th of February which is when the Season 1 battle pass comes to an end. The new battle pass will cost 1000 CoD points and bring over 100 tiers of content. You can pay a bit extra for the battle pass bundle that will bring 20 tier skips for 2400 CoD points. Each individual tier will cost you 150 CoD Points. The new battle pass will include cosmetics such as operator skins, weapon charms, weapon skins, XP tokens, watch designs, calling cards, mixtapes and much more not to forget the battle pass also includes a featured operator and two new weapons.


This season will be getting Kapano Vang also known as Naga who's a member of Perseus. He'll be unlocked at tier 1 with a legendary operator skin being unlocked at tier 100 as well as a legendary blueprint for one of the new weapons and a battle pass emblem.

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Your new weapons will be the Galil and LC10: SMG, unlocked at level 15 and 31 in the battle pass. There's also 1300 CoD Points to get back from the pass meaning if you get to level 74 you can buy the next pass for free and it's worth remembering all battle pass owners will get a 10 XP boost by default.


Ultimately, if you choose not to spend any money on the battle pass you'll still get access to some free items. They include many of the previously listed cosmetics but will not include the new operator and some of the better rewards.


So what do you think of the new battle pass? Will you be buying it? Let us know in the comments down below.