Best Settings to Run Rocket League on Xbox Series X and S

In this guide we’ll show you how to activate 120 fps, and also give you the best settings to run Rocket League on Xbox Series X and S.

Now, let’s start with the parameter from the Xbox. So open the Settings and go to TV & display options. So this one is a bit tricky because some people are playing on monitor, some people are playing on TV, some people have a 2.1 HDMI TV and other people don’t have it. So for example if you have an HDMI 2.1 you're good, okay so you can play 4K 120 fps 120 hertz, the game will downscale a little bit you will not have the full care experience but still you will have your 120 hertz easily. If you have a TV like me that can do 4K 60 hertz but also can do 1080p 120 hertz you have to do a trick. I will show you how.


So first of all for the Display make sure that you have the proper display, if you have like me a LG OLED C7 or something like that. I'm playing at 1080p and I don't see my hertz right now because I'm using a capture card from Elgato and it can't do 120 hertz but normally just under the resolution you will have the amount of hertz. The thing is if you're putting 1080p 120 hertz and your monitor is or your TV is 4K and you open the game, the game will go back in 4K and you will not have your 120fps. So it's really important to go to video mode and uncheck Allow 4K or Allow HDR10. You can also do the HDR and lock your 4K. It doesn't matter honestly and you're gonna make sure that your TV or monitor run 1080p 120 hertz. If you have a 2K monitor with 120 hertz, normally you will not have the issue because your monitor is not compatible with 4k. So you can just put resolution 2K with the 120 hertz. So this is pretty much for the Xbox settings.

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Now, let’s go inside of the game. In Rocket League Settings you have the VIDEO section, click the VIEW SCENE. So to have your 120fps you need to play at PERFORMANCE mode (VIDEO QUALITY).


So it's really worth it to use the 120 fps at performance mode because your game will feel a lot smoother right now.