Best Settings to Run Valheim Smoothly on High, Low-End PCs

In this guide we’ll show you the best settings to Valheim smoothly without lags, stutter or FPS drops.


This game is not well optimized for now, so the first thing that you need to look at is your Game Mode. Make sure that the Game Mode is at OFF. When it is ON it's always causing like stuttering or losing FPS and when the game is early access it's even worse. So don't use the GAME MODE.


Next the Xbox Game Bar - I recommend to put that one at OFF and also if you're using other like overlays from a Discord, AMD, Nvidia and stuff like that make sure that everything is disabled because it's always causing like stuttering and some issue random crashes and stuff like that.


Capture make sure that the Background Recording is at OFF and Recorded Audio is at OFF.


Another thing that you really need to do is make sure that you update your driver. It is important to download the driver directly from the manufacture’s website.


Another thing that you can do is write GPU on the search bar and open Graphic Settings, make sure that your Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is at ON. If it's not you need to check it and you will need to restart your computer to make sure the new feature is applied. It's really important.


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One more thing I see a lot of people having issue with their laptop with the power settings. It's like their computer doesn't recognize the difference between plug in the wall or the batteries or they don't give like the maximum amount of boost clock for the CPU and GPU. So go to Nvidia control panel, in Manage 3D make sure that you have the Prefer Maximum Performance in the power management mode and you can do the same thing with Windows just write energy in the search bar and you will see all your plan, it’s really depends. Me I'm running on the Ryzen power plan but if you're just running on Windows normally you will have like a balance or the performance one. Make sure that you're running those one, don't run like some energy-saving power plan. You will lose a lot of performance from your computer.


So now let's go inside of the game - go to Settings - Graphics.


So the first thing that you really need to make sure is in the Resolution section make sure that you have the proper resolution. It’s really important to have the native one of your monitor and also your amount of earth. So if you have like a 144 hertz screen make sure that you have 144 earth there.


Next - check the Fullscreen - you will get like 2% boost in your FPS and also your game will be a lot more stable. I had some issue when I was not using the Fullscreen.

Vegetation Quality - this one High to Medium you can get like a nice 3% boost in your FPS, Medium to Low is 1%. So go with Medium.


It's pretty much the same thing with Particle Lights. If you compare High to Medium you can get like 2 to 3% and if you go to low it's another 1%. So go with Medium.


Draw Distance and Level of Detail - this one is really important if you compare like High to Low you can get 10% boost in your Fps. So that's why I'm going with Low. You can even go at Medium if you want, if you want to see more in front of you but Low is probably the best if you want more FPS


Shadow Quality - if you compare High to Low you’ll get a nice 5 to 6% boost. So you can definitely go with Low.


Bloom - you can get like 1% to 2% boost. So it's up to you if you like bloom or not.


SSAO - this one can give you more like 3% to 4% boost but the game will look flat. So just do some tests.


Sun Shafts - I thought this one will give me a lot more because they have like some really nice lighting effect in the game and it gives you like 2% to 3% boost when you Uncheck it.


Motion Blur - don't check this one you will not gain more FPS but you don't want to use it


Tessellation - you can get a nice 4% boost here and even more on old AMD card.


Soft Particles - this one will give you 2%. So uncheck it.


Depth Of Field (DOF) - Uncheck it.


Anti-Aliasing - I'm not too sure if I'm gonna use it or not you can get like a nice 3% to 4% boost in your FPS when you check it but I feel like the game is a little bit blurry for me but when I uncheck it it's not blurry but I'm getting a lot of aliasing in the vegetation so not too sure if I'm gonna stay with it but for now I'm using it.


Chromatic Aberration - this one is like 1% to 2%. Again if you like this effect you can check it not a huge impact on the FPS.


I'm not using the Vsync - I'm not getting any tearing when I'm playing the game but again it really depends on what kind of monitor that you're using and video card and stuff. Some people are gonna use Gsync, Freesync some people just like uncheck Vsync and some people won't be using sync they don't care about the input lags. So it really depends on you guys.


Another thing that uncheck is the Camera Shake in the Misc tab. Sometimes I feel like my FPS is dropping because of the Camera Shake so that's why I recommend to Unchecked that.


So that's about it for now.