Fastest Way To Level Up In Black Ops Cold War Season 2

Are you looking to level up fast in season two of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone? The new season lands on the 25th of February and that means a brand new Battle Pass and prestigious are being made available for you to grind through. If you didn't complete your Battle Pass last season and don't want to suffer a similar fate this time around, then here's how to get it done as fast as possible.


Our first piece of advice is play objective game modes. They offer far more XP in comparison to kill dependent game modes. Even when you're not slaying you're scoring for playing domination hardpoint and fire team are superb ways for you to rack up points for playing the objective.


If you're a Warzone player be sure to go for high kill games and try to survive as long as possible. It's also 100 worth your time completing contracts around the Dansk. 


Playing limited time modes like Rebirth Islands Resurgence mode can be a great way to go.


If you're a Zombies player give the new Outbreak mode a go, just avoid some of those kill dependent modes like Team Deathmatch and free-throw that only really reward you with XP for getting kills.


Next up use your XP tokens, they're not just collectibles you'll want to use them whenever possible. So you can get the most XP on the main menu, simply click the left thumbstick inwards to see all of your tokens. If you're smart you can use them during double XP weekend events to earn 4 times as much XP. Be sure to activate both double XP and double weapon XP and use different weapons to rank up. Try to use support scorestreaks - they're really helpful at squeezing every XP opportunity.


Level Up Fast, Black Ops, Cold War, Season 2

You can out of your gameplay, things like Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes will rack up score for you in the form of an assist when a teammate grabs a kill.  You can also choose to use the H.A.R.P. kill streak or the more modest care package and allow teammates to claim it.


Next, be sure to complete challenges. This is the best way to move through tears and levels quickly because you'll earn XP whilst doing them and a little brucie bonus once you're done. This isn't just for general challenge purposes completing weapon challenges and ranking those up will greatly benefit your XP struggles and if you're really struggling consider buying a few tiers. It's without a doubt the fastest way to rank up but I'm sure it's not exactly the most cost effective one. Maybe buy a few tiers to get to a new XP token and see how you go from there.


Finally, just playing the game your Battle Pass will rank up just for playing the game and this can be done on Black Ops Cold War and Warzone and even Modern Warfare and it all helps contribute to your new levels and Battle Pass. 


That's it from us, if you've got any hidden secrets to rank up fast in Black Ops Cold War Season 2 why not drop them in the comments to help out your fellow grinders down below: