Galaxy A52, A72 Come with Powerful Batteries, Processors

So it seems like the launch of the Galaxy A52 and A72 is right around the corner going by the magnitude of leaks in recent days.


Today is no different not only we have the official 360 degree look of the Galaxy A52 in all color options but we also have the official teaser of the Galaxy A52 as well.


Plus, Samsung is also bringing some major upgrades to the A52 and A72 in the battery department.


The official teaser of the Galaxy A52 doesn't show much about the handset at all other than the emphasis on the battery.


Last year's ad campaign for the Galaxy A51 was pretty successful. Even though it was weird but the ad campaign was successful.


So I expect Samsung to do a similar thing with the A52 and A72 as well.


Anyway, here's the official look at the Galaxy A52 in all 4 color options.

Galaxy A52, Front Images, Official Teaser Images

Galaxy A52, Powerful Battery, Better Processors

As you can see, the phone looks identical to its predecessor from the front but it's the back where it is seeing some changes much like the just-announced Galaxy S21 lineup where the camera design is similar to their recent mobile design language.


To be honest, the phone looks beautiful from the back, especially in white, blue and violet.


And by the way, Samsung is calling those colors Awesome white, awesome blue, Awesome black and awesome violet.


Not only that we have the first official look of the Galaxy A72 as well, and as you can see it looks identical to the A52 from the front.

Galaxy A72, Front Image


Although we don't have a picture of the A72's back, it will look identical to the A52 from the back as well.


Also, we have information about the battery capacities of these two handsets which shows Samsung is bringing some substantial upgrades to the batteries of the A52 and A72.


First up, the A52 will have a 4500mAh battery, 500mAh more than the A51.


The Galaxy A72 will have a 5000mAh battery which is also 500mAh more than its predecessor. By the way, these are for the 5G version!


The 4G versions will have a smaller battery instead.


Batteries are not the only difference between the 4G and 5G versions.


There's also a big difference in the processor department.


Snapdragon 750G in 5G versions whereas it's Snapdragon 720G in 4G versions of these two handsets.


The performance difference will be noticeable between these two. If you're thinking about buying either of these two handsets, it's advisable to go for the 5G version by paying almost $100 more and get a better processor and a bigger battery.


Other than that, the rest of the specifications will remain identical on both 4G and 5G.


Samsung hasn't actually announced the launch date of these two handsets but expect it to happen in this month itself in the coming days.