GTA 5 Online: what's New in Update 1.53, Patch Notes

Patch 1.53 has now gone live in GTA 5 Online and players are absolutely losing their minds as to what it could be about this stealth update.


Well, if you were expecting and hoping for something new and exciting it's unfortunately not your day. This update is mainly just to fix a number of bugs running right in the game.


While some console updates including the Xbox were hitting in excess of 6GB most other platforms had a modest update that was less than 1GB.  This suggests that it was an under the hood update and not one that brought major new content. It's believed that a number of god mode bugs have now been fixed and issues such as these couldn't be sorted with a simple hotfix. Another targeted glitch was the Cayo Perico door glitch which a lot of people are speculating has now been sorted.


Rockstar have also fixed the Pariah Spoiler glitch that has been annoying players for quite some time.


We've also been given an updated Podium car list which features the FMJ, the Trants, the Nightshark the Dominator GTX and a Tropos Rallye.


GTA 5 Online, Ahat's New, Update 1.53, Patch Notes, New Car, FMJ

So let us know your thoughts in the comments down below: Are you disappointed in this update? Are you excited for what it means for the future of GTA online?