How to Get Started Voice On the Other Side Quest: Destiny 2

In this beginner’s guide we’ll be showing you how to start up the brand new secret exotic quest line “The Voice On The Other Side” in Destiny 2 Season of The Chosen.


Now to start this off head over to your strikes start up an adept version of the Nightfall, The Ordeal. As you guys know this is the brand new Nightfall for this week. So once you launch into the nightfall head over to the area shown in the image below:



How to Get Started, Exotic Quest Presage, Voice On the Other Side Quest, Destiny 2,


Just go straight and start shooting enemies until make it to the very end right. There you're gonna see this crate:


How to Get Started, Exotic Quest, Presage, Voice On the Other Side, Destiny 2, Crate


That's basically tells you to activate it. Once you have done that you’ll get an intercepted distress signal that tells you to go to the tower. Well, it doesn't really tell you to go to tower but that's where you have to go next.


Once you're at the tower you’ll meet Zavala. Now, he wants to speak to you and he's gonna say the following:


“Distress signals are far too common these days. Our recovery crews can hardly keep up with them. This one, however, I want you to look into personally".


"Rahool brought it to my attention. He tells me the transmission has been exposed to Darkness".


"Our enemy worms its way into everything it touches, even muddying our signals. What's more is the point of origin - near the Reef, from a Guardian claiming to be aboard a ship belonging to the dethroned Emperor Calus".


"Caiatl will no doubt respond to a signal from one of her father's ships. They… have a complicated relationship. If there's a Guardian on board, exposed to Darkness, I want to know why".


"Extract them, safely so we may have a word with them”.


There you go guys that's The Voice On The Other Side quest at the beginning part.


Now, all you have to do is head over to the Tangled Shore you're gonna see a new icon there of a ship and there you’ll get your New Exotic Weapon.

How to Get Started, Exotic Quest Presage, Voice On the Other Side Quest, Destiny 2,