Mass Effect Remastered Edition Launch Details, Guide

The developer of Mass Effect has revealed more details about their upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and also released a new trailer showcasing all of the visual enhancements being made to the game.


The upcoming Remastered Edition includes all three Mass Effect games but Mass Effect 1 is getting particular attention due to its age. Gameplay and weapon balance is being refined for all three games to present a more consistent experience.


New edition will also offer controller support on PC. So no mods required, Bioware didn't carry through much of the Mass Effect's artwork and gameplay directly to the sequels. The female version of Shepard for example changed dramatically from the 1st game to the 3rd, the Remastered version, updates all three games with a unified appearance for her character model. Likewise, every character model has been enhanced across the games giving them more lifelike faces and higher resolution textures beyond the visuals and gameplay tweaks.


There's no big story additions or character changes in the Remastered so no cut content is being added back or anything like that. The endings for three are also from the extended cut edition of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect, Remastered Edition, 2021, Launch Details, Guide, Release Date

It will include all of the original DLC for all three games that's 40 DLCs in total, including mission’s skins locations and more.


As for technical enhancements all three games will support 4k 60fps output on the next gen consoles whiloe the PC will offer an uncapped frame rate.


The  Remastered Edition is being done in Unreal Engine 3 due to technical constraints so unfortunately no ray tracing or cutting edge tech but you can expect significantly faster load times on all platforms and a button for skipping elevator loading screens.


Overall, Mass Effect Legendary Edition seems like a great starting point for anyone new to the franchise while the original games are all incredible in their own way, Mass Effect 1 in particular hasn't aged, so gracefully its story characters and worlds are all outstanding but the gameplay feels outdated compared to the sequels.


The Remastered might be dividing fans based on its copious use of lens flare but in all other regards it sounds like a massive leap forward for some of gaming's most important titles.


The Remastered Edition will be available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and the next gen consoles via backwards compatibility.


Mass Effect Remastered Edition will be released on May 14, 2021.