Outriders: Beginner’s Guide, Demo Release Date, Time

In this article you’ll find all the details on the Outriders demo, if you plan on playing this game which is the next game in the looter shooter genre.


So this release will be a demo version and not a beta so expect it to feel quite polished and it is entirely free. So no purchase or pre-order of the game is required, you can play this completely 100% free.


The demo version of Outriders will be released within the following dates, country and times:


Los Angeles: 09:00 PST, February 25th

New York: 12:00 EST, February 25th

Sao Paulo: 14:00 BRT, February 25th

London: 17:00 GMT, February 25th

Berlin: 18:00 CET, February 25th

Tokyo: 02:00 JST, February 26th

Moscow: 20:00 MSK, February 25th

Dubai: 21:00 GST, February 25th

Sydney: 04:00 AEDT, February 26th


Now, if your area or country isn't on this map I'm pretty certain you can use Google to figure out exactly when the demo will release within your area.


The demo will be available on the following platforms:

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC (Via steam and streaming it Via Nvidia Geforce).


Now, the download size for the demo will be a minimum 24 GB on PC possibly more after decompression.


On consoles it will be a minimum of 22 GB possibly more after decompression.


Pre-loading is not currently planned to be available for this demo. So when the demo does go live on the 25th you have to download it from there.


Crossplay will be available on the demo but it will be within that beta form and will need to be manually enabled via your settings in game.


Outriders, Beginner’s Guide, Demo Release Date, Time

Also there is no time limit for you on how long you can play the demo neither is there any time frame for you.


You can access the demo from the 25th of February up until the launch of the game on April 1st.


The demo includes the game's prologue and opening chapter. This means that gear and enemies that you come across will be the early game variants.


The further you get in the full Outriders story, when the game drops on the 1st of April, the more twisted exotic and powerful both gear and enemies will become.


The demo runs up until the showdown with Gauss, the first rival altered who may be even more dangerous than you.


Some side missions unlock after defeating god so you will be able to go back and explore the world.


The demo includes all four classes which are the Devastator, the Pyromancer, the Technomancer and the Trickster and you also have six character slots. This means you can try out every class without needing to delete any characters or you can have multiple of the same one. It's completely up to you.


Your character levels are capped to a Level 7 in the full game, they go to a Level 30 weapons, go up to where level 50. But within a demo at Level 7 is where that cap is and this will allow you to earn your classes that fall off ability and you'll be able to mix and match your active skills in the demo.


Now, there are eight abilities in the full game but within the demo we can only access four, also being kept a Level 7 within the demo. This means you'll earn two skill points that you can apply to your skill tree. You will be able to see the entire skill tree but you'll only be able to unlock a couple of points there.


You can progress up to a world tier 5. World tiers are the dynamic difficulty system. At a level 5 your chance for higher rarity gear is increased but the drop chance for legendary gear is still extremely low. So if you play this on a tier 5 within the demo and you do get a legendary drop consider yourself extremely lucky. The demo will be kept to a certain amount but to say a generous amount in order to safeguard balancing for when you go into the main game.


The resources are mainly used within the extensive crafting system but can also be traded for better gear from the in-game armors.


The crafting system unlocks in the full game once you are beyond the demo content, but you can save your resources from the demo to use in that full game because if you did not know you will be able to transfer your progress from the demo to the main game upon its release. But you can only do this with the same platform account for example: PlayStation to PlayStation, Xbox to Xbox or Steam to Steam. Progress will not transfer between the demo on Steam and the full game on the Epic Store.


The demo will not include any trophies or achievements, but your in-game accolades will transfer along with your regular progress into the full game.


You are also free to stream any part of the demo with no restrictions but they say please note that there is a trailer at the end of the demo and this trailer contains a licensed music and they recommend caution when streaming this section.


There will also be a separate download for the full game. It doesn't automatically update the demo. There will also be no friendly fire within the demo or the full game. Unfortunately, there is also no demo for the STADIA as they state it isn't possible at this time.


There we have it and I hope this helped you out if you're curious and information regarding the Outriders demo.