Rocket League: How to Get 2FA Two-Factor Authentication

The latest Rocket League update (Patch 1.93) brings Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to the game. So in-game trading now needs Two-Factor Authentication. In this guide will show you how to get two-factor authentication and other things set up on your account so that you can start trading again in Rocket League.


This will be a really quick guide, because I know so many of you are struggling with this.


Now, there are three requirements to start trading again:


- The first one is that your email address on your epic account must be verified.


- The second one is that you must have 2FA enabled on your Epic account.


- The third one is that your Epic account must be a full account not a platform account.


Now, let's go through them one by one. So the first one verifying your email address, this should be pretty simple just login to your epic games account. There you’ll find a yellow notification at the top of the screen. Just click “Click here to resend”. Then in your email inbox find the email from Epic open it and click verify your email. Check your spam inbox or promotions tab in gmail account if you can't find the email.


Now, the next step is enabling two-factor authentication on your epic account. So this is a new requirement for all Rocket League players no matter what platform you're on. This step is also pretty simple just log into your Epic account - go to password and security and then just choose which of the three methods you want to use: AUTHENTICATOR APP, SMS AUTHENTICATION or EMAIL AUTHENTICATION. You can use all of them, two of them or just one of them.


Let’s go with email authentication, just click the email authentication button then you'll get an email in your email inbox. Find the code then go back to the website, enter the code then click continue and you're done. After that you should get an email in your email inbox confirming that 2FA has been enabled.


Now, the final step will only apply to some people. The free to play release of Rocket League, players given the opportunity to create an Epic games account without an email address or password but some features in Rocket League like trading requires a full Epic games account. So if you were one of the players who created an Epic Games account without using an email address or password this part is for you. So to upgrade to a full Epic Games account go to their website, ensure that you're signed out. Log out if you have to then click on Sign In at the top right of the screen - click on the platform icon that you currently play on and want to connect to an Epic games account.


So if you're a PS4 player - click the PlayStation icon or if you're a Nintendo Switch player click the Switch icon and then log into that account and then you'll be taken to a website for the platform that you selected. Sign in to the account that you usually play on. Then you'll be returned to the Epic Game site then just complete all of the fields and click Create Account. If you don't get to this page then you don't have any Rocket League progression on this account. So that means you entered the wrong login details. So you need to go back and enter the details for the account that you usually play Rocket League on and then the next step says make sure that the email address that you're using is not already connected to another Epic games account.

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I hope this was helpful to you guys.