Stagbreaker: How to Get Crafting Materials in Valheim

In this guide, we’ll show you one of the best weapons to acquire at the very beginning of the Valheim.


The weapon that we are going to get is the Stagbreaker. This is a blunt weapon, it is a two-handed weapon and it is going to be really amazing for farming skeletons or defending yourself in dungeons and skeletons throughout the world.


Now, one of the reasons I absolutely love this hammer is because of it does AoE damage but it also has a knockback and stagger effect.


Now, this weapon does an absolute ton of damage to skeletons and when you're having to farm up dungeons early in the game for various resources like the forge you need to kill a lot of skeletons and you might get trapped between a bunch of them in those dungeons and that knockback and stun comes in clutch.


Now, finding the material that you need to craft Stagbreaker is actually really easy and you can do it really early in the game. Now, you will need to venture into or near the blackwoods to be able to find this, you don't actually have to fight anything in the blackwoods. But we're going to be looking for specific trees and when you look at the trees you can see that there's fur but what we want are those pine trees, they can tell the difference because the texture will be different on the trunk and the leaves aren't until like much higher up on the tree and that's what you're looking for. You're looking for pine trees and you can find them on the edge of the blackwood forests.


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Now, all the different types of trees will drop various different resources that you can use to be able to craft different stuff and we definitely need the cores from those pine trees. So once you break it all apart you will see the stuff called core wood that's going to be what you need to unlock a bunch of new crafting recipes to make this giant hammer.


Now, while you're out there you need to make sure to gather at least 20 of them because it's going to take 20 to be able to craft the hammer. But there's also something else I want to mention about weapons in this game different weapons have different effectiveness for various targets. Those blunt weapons are going to be best against skeletons they're good against like Gre Dwarves but not very good if you want to be killing Grey Dwarves you really want to use spears. I find them to be most effective, they just tear apart those Greylings but for skeletons you're going to want this hammer especially early on in the game.


Now, once you get your 20 Core Wood you're going to also want to pick up Five Deer Trophies which you can get from killing deer and then Leather Scraps you're going to need two of those from killing boars.


Once you do that you can craft that and the upgrading process for this is pretty straightforward too. It's just more Core Wood, more Deer Trophies, Leather Scraps and then you're gonna need Bone Fragments for the upgrades too. But you're gonna get plenty of Bone Fragments because you're gonna be using this to kill skeletons.


However, the downside of this particular weapon is you can't hold a torch in your other hand while you're using this one. So it's going to make the dungeons pretty dark but on the flip side of it it's going to be super easy to sell those stuffs and it's just so good in the dungeons.