The Best Sniper Class you'll find in Warzone 2021

If you love snipers and love to shoot from afar, here is the best sniper class you'll find right now in Call of Duty Warzone.

Snipers within the Call of Duty Warzone have enjoyed a good popularity since Verdansk, a map with large open spaces, high points and places that allow you to control large areas.

Vision is key in Battle Royale, as is effectiveness. For this reason, a good sniper must be lethal at the first turn, where he puts his eye, he must put the bullet and more if a positive resolution of a fight depends on that. Therefore, here we’ll show you an ideal class to kill the enemy quickly and from very long distances.

The Best class for LW3 sniper in Call of Duty Warzone:

The LW3 marksman rifle is one of the most wanted by Call of Duty Warzone players, which is very understandable. This is a very damaging weapon, but one that, with the correct accessory configuration, can become extremely unfair to anyone in your sights.

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Snipers are not normally very mobile, but with these accessories you can move at lightning speed with the LW3 and maximize its range to almost the limit. This, together with an improvement in damage and cadence, makes it a weapon as fast as it is lethal at long range.

Wrapped Suppressor Muzzle 

28.2” Tiger Team Barrel

Fast Mag Ammo 

Raider Pad Stock 

Airborne Elastic Wrap