Transfer Valheim World to your Own Server

In this guide, we’ll show you how to transfer or upload an existing world into your own server.


So to begin you don't really need to move your world anywhere if you've got the server installed on the same PC that you're playing the actual game on. In that case all you have to do is edit the start file for your server. The reason is that if you're going to be moving the world from your current offline game into the service game you don't need to move it anywhere on your PC. But if you're uploading it to something like a virtual private server or something like that on the internet you'll have to navigate across to a folder on your PC.


Now, simply hold down the Start or Windows Button + press R to open the run dialog box then type ‘%userprofile%\appdata\LocalLow’ then simply hit enter and a new file browser will open. Inside there open the IronGate folder - Valheim and then the worlds folder. There you’ll find all the worlds that you currently have in your offline version of the game and the characters folder contains all of your character data. Of course you'll only be uploading the worlds folder to your server if you have it elsewhere, simply upload those files to the worlds folder in your server's files. Usually it'll be inside of a config folder. But why I mentioned if you're running this on the same computer that you're actually playing the game on is because this is the same place that the server stores the worlds unless you specifically defined a separate location for the config in those server files, those are the files that it will use. So let's assume that either you have it installed on the same computer or you've simply uploaded those world files to your server. What do we need to do next? Well, simply navigate across to your actual server files and open up the script that you used to run the server. In my case it's server.bat but for you it may be something like start.bat. So once you open it up you'll see the command at the very bottom or somewhere else within it telling your server how to run.


As you can see below: We have a -world argument and a name inside of quotation marks “test”


All we have to do is make sure that the name matches the name of one of the world files there currently it's on my test world over there but I'll copy the name testworld.db and I'll paste it in between those quotation marks save the file and then start up my server.


By doing this we'll now be loading into a world that actually has progress in it. So I'll simply wait for the server to start up and will open up steam and connect to my server.


View - Servers - FAVORITES and my local host server should pop up in just a moment.


There you can see 127.001, that's the server over there punching in my password and connecting to it, clicking start and entering the password. Now, we've successfully connected to our world.