Valorant Act 2 Episode 2: Battle Pass Rewards Guide

Valorant Act 2 Episode 2 Battle Pass items have been revealed ahead of its release date, March 02, 2021. This is the fifth Battle pass that has been added to game since its released in the summer of 2020.


So what exactly is on offer in this new Act?


Some of the free track items include in the Valorant Act 2 Episode 2: the Prism 3 Classic Pistol with Variants, the Versus Bind and Icebox Card, the Good Boy, Bruno Buddy and the Dumpster Fire Spray.


If you drop a thousand Valorent Points here's what you can get on the premium track:


The Prism 3 Axe Melee with Variants, the Cavalier Vandal, the Cavalier Operator, the Versus Sova and Cypher card, Make Some Noise Spray and the Epilogue Items, the Super Spray and the Good Job Paul Card.


Regarding the choice of items for the Battle pass Riot had the following to say:


“A high level goal was continuing to respond to player’s feedback for the Battle pass. Players told us they loved the cute Polyfox skins we made last year so we wanted to expand on that line with another Polygonal animal, this time we took inspiration from the frog on split, which the community fell in love with during the closed beta. With Prism 3, we want to give players who don't usually buy skins a chance to get their hands on the clean crispness of the Prism set adding colour variants to the Prism was also a fun way to give players more colour options.”


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“As for the accessories our goal was to continue to create a lot of really thoughtful buddies sprays and cards that feel they've been pulled from the Valorant World, Game Lore and Community Memes.”


So what do you think about that let us know what items you're excited for in the comments down below: