Best Armor for Beginners to Progress in Monster Hunter Rise

These are the most powerful armor in Monster Hunter Rise. Whether you are a novice or an expert hunter, we give you a few armor sets that can come in handy in Village Quests and an armor that manages to be a great preparation for the vast majority of Monster Hunter Rise high-ranking quests.


Village Quests won't be a big deal, but that doesn't mean you don't need armor. The only thing you need to know is that it is not recommended to accumulate low-rank materials, since they become obsolete later. Therefore, you can opt for very functional sets and sets such as the Great Izuchi and Aknosom, two that can be obtained in the early stages of the game.


They both offer good defense against Fire, positive partial defense against Ice and do not suffer too much against lightning. You will only have problems against water elemental attacks.


Best Armor, Beginners, Progress Ranks, Monster Hunter Rise

On the other hand, already in high rank, this armor set may be what you are looking for. Each item belongs to her father and mother, but collectively she has a few important abilities:


Zinogre Helm S

Nargacuga Mail S

Anjanath Vambrace S

Anjanath Coil S

Ingot Greaves S

Windstorm Talisman


With this we will obtain the Attack Boost Level 7, Critical  Eye Level 4, Part Breaker Level 1, Slugger Level 2, Weakness Exploit Level 1, Latent Power Level 1 and Evade Window Level 1 and Seven Level 1 Decoration Slots.