Best Settings to Run LoL Wild Rift on Old or High-End Phones

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you the best settings to run League of Legends Wild Rift on mobile devices.


So in the Settings, at the top you will need to select Graphics and you will have to preset the quality one that will boost the image quality over the fps. So you're gonna run the game in 30 fps and the performance setting that will run the game at 60 but you will have a lower image quality. So I recommend to use custom because they give you a lot of different options and it will adapt perfectly depending on you have like an entry-level phone mid-range phone or you have a high-end phone.


So first of all, let's go with Custom, me I'm running the game at 120 fps because I have a 120 earth screen so it’s really depend on your phone. If you have like a 90 or 120 just select the one that you need to use.

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Also you can lock your fps one, example at 40 if you don't want to go to 60. If you have like a 60 hertz screen but you have like a really low end phone so you don't want to have like some a crazy amount of drop in your fps, you can definitely lock your fps because as they can tell you they're saying performance loss at 60 are medium and 40 it's low. Don't go necessarily to 30, except if you have like a 30 earth screen. So if you have like a really low-end phone use 40 and for the majority of the people just use the 60 hertz and you should be fine to run the game at 60 fps.


After that you have the Graphic Quality. The Graphic Quality I saw the difference between like 2 to 3% between each bracket. So if you go to High, you're getting like a nice 3% boost, Medium another 3% and when you go to Low you're gaining like 1 to 2% boost. So I feel like if you're on a low-end phone go with medium and again it really depends on your objective. So if you want to run the game at 90 and you have a 90 earth screen but you don't have a really powerful phone so you can definitely select 90 hertz or slash fps and for example Graphic Quality select medium to make sure that you will go at 90. So really depend where you are right now in your fps. If you're running the game at 60 and you have a 60 earth screen and everything is doing smoothly like don't lower your graphic you're already fine. So it really depends on what you want to make.


After that Effects Quality: This one I recommend to go to low and in this game you will see that sometimes your fps are good but when you're fighting you're getting a big amount of like a drop in your fps. So for the Effects Quality it's not really important in League Of Legends. So just go to Low and you're gonna make sure that you're not getting any drop in your fps.


After that the Resolution: I saw a nice 3 to 4% boost, depending on the selection. So I recommend like Medium is a good start but again it's really depend on your objective. So if you're running your 60 fps easily, you can definitely stay at High. So just do some testing but Medium and for sure if you are on a low-end phone go with Low so that's about it.


Post-Processing: I don't use any post processing in this game so I'm leaving that at OFF. First of all, you will gain more fps and you don't want effect like blur and stuff like that, it's a competitive game so you don't want those effects so that's why I'm putting that one at OFF.


The last one that can really help you is the Interface Animations: definitely, if you are running on the low-end mobile phone go with OFF. You will see on the settings, they have a level of nice effects and stuff like that but it can be really laggy if your phone is old. So definitely go with off. If you're feeling that everything is very like slow in the menu go with OFF and you will feel that your game is a lot snappier.


So this is pretty much it guys for the parameter for your game. The game is really smooth it looks very nice when you put everything at ultra. Honestly, I think this game is better looking than the one from the PC on my Samsung S21 when I put everything at max. So it's a really good game.