Best Settings to Run Magic Legends on High or Low-End PC

In this guide, we’ll show the best settings to run Magic Legends on high or low-end PC. Right now, this game is not well optimized. I was playing in it in the alpha version and I thought it will be better in the beta but it's still not better. So I will show you a couple of settings that you can do to run the game smoothly on your PC.


Game Mode - On: So the first thing that you need to do in this game, normally I always mention to remove the game mode but on this game it's better to turn it on as I'm getting 2 to 3% more of fps.  This game also seems to struggle a little bit with Ryzen processor. I don't know why when I was not using the game mode it was using like my worst core on my CPU.


Xbox Game Bar - OFF


Also make sure that you remove all those capture option in Windows, the Background Recording and the Recorded Audio.


Overlay - Disabled: In this game Overlay is causing a lot of stuttering so Discord Overlay, Nvidia, AMD overlay, whatever overlay that you're using. Even my MS Afterburner sometimes is a bit weird in this game. So I don't choose any overlay.


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - ON: to have this option you will need to make sure that you have the latest version of Windows and also you have like a Nvidia card 1000 series and above, and then you need to restart your computer to make sure that the option is applied.


 Another thing that I recommend, make sure that you update your driver with the latest one.


Next, make sure that all your energy plan are at like performance or balance you don't want to have like any energy savers. For example for Nvidia just go to your control panel, go to Manage 3D settings, scroll down and in the power management mode make sure that you're using the Prefer Maximum Performance.


Also make sure that you don't use G-Sync or FreeSync right now in this game it's causing a lot of stuttering.


Best Settings,  Run Magic Legends, High or Low-End PC

Now, let's go inside of the game:


In the Graphics Setting make sure that you're playing at something like Medium or High. Honestly, I didn't see a big difference between both. So if you have like a mid-range or high-end computer you can definitely go to High, low-end or medium computer just go with Medium and if you have like I don't know a laptop with an integrated video card go with Low. Make sure that you're seeing your driver of your video card.


Display Mode: play Fullscreen, don't go with Windowed or Windowed Maximized as it's causing a lot of issues.


For the um amount of earth (Fullscreen Resolution) I don't know it's always restarting and it's removing my parameter. So go with the one that your monitor is.


I don't use any Antialiasing because it gives me like a 4% boost in my fps.


Now let's start with commends, the first commend that you really need to use is the Shadow. So write “[Zone] /shadows 0” to remove your shadow. This command will give you like 8% boost on your fps and also it will stabilize a lot your fps.


Another thing that I mentioned earlier was to remove your G-Sync and FreeSync because it was causing issue but you will need to activate your VSync. So write “[Zone] /vsync 1” and now my VSync is at one and also it will help you a lot for stabilizing your fps.