Can't Complete Don The Disguise in Fortnite, How to Fix It

The very last Spire Quest for yesterday's update 16.10 in Fortnite has an issue. It has a bug where you are not able to complete it, if you take damage or if you die when you try to go back to the spot and Don The Disguise, The Disguise will no longer be there and this is unfortunately a bug and a glitch that cannot be fixed.


However, some very crafty people have found a workaround which does the trick and lets you complete the mission and it's incredibly simple. All you have to do is go up to them and spray the crystals, that's right all you need to do is spray the crystals themselves.


You don't need to wear the Disguise or go back to talk to Raz as I've done a few times.


Can't Play, Don The Disguise, Fortnite, How to Fix

Just go up to them, use a spray and you'll complete this mission and you'll have that all done ready for the next set of challenges that unlock in about two weeks.