Fix Warzone Season 2 Low FPS, Lags, Stutter on PC

Warzone Season 2 is finally here and in this guide we’ll show you how to boost FPS, lags and Stuttering while playing the game on your PC.


So first let’s open the Background Apps Menu by using the search bar, then all you have to do is check the little box at the top to OFF that says let apps run in the background. If you don't do that all those listed apps are going to be running in the background while you're gaming and that's going to impact performance.


So once you're done with that you're going to want to go back to the search bar on the bottom left and type game and at the top you'll see Game Mode Settings. So click that and it'll bring you to a menu. Now from that menu you're going to want to click Xbox Game Bar from the left side and check that OFF.


Then you're going to go down to Captures and you're going to want to check that OFF where it says record in background while I'm playing a game.


Then scroll down a little bit to where it says Recorded Audio and you're going to want to check that OFF as well.


From there we're going to go to Game Mode and I know we used to have that off but now we actually want to turn it ON because it'll give you a certain settings. So after checked that ON you’ll see related settings on the right hand side and it says Graphic Settings click that and you're going to want to turn that ON. Then turn ON the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. After you do that you will have to reset your PC but some of you guys might not get that setting. So if you don't have that setting, just turn Game Mode OFF and you should be fine but that new setting can help improve your performance a bit.


Once you're done with that you can go back to the search bar on the bottom left and you're just gonna type power and then at the top you'll see Power and Sleep Settings. So click that and then in the pop up window you're gonna see additional power settings on the right side. So click that and it'll bring up a menu and you're going to want to check High Performance, if you don't see high performance there it might be hidden under the show additional plan. So just click that it might be under there.


So our next part of the guide is for people who have Nvidia graphics cards. So if you have an AMD graphics card you can just skip ahead in the guide a little bit. So if you do have an Nvidia graphics card you're going to want to right click your desktop and click Nvidia control panel and just wait for that to load up and once it's loaded up there you're going to see in the top left it says Manage 3D Settings. So click that and you're going to see all those settings. Just scroll down a little bit you're going to see monitor technology. Now, if you do have a G-sync compatible or a G-sync monitor this is where you're going to want to Turn that On. If you don't then you don't have to worry about this and just copy the rest of the settings as shown below:


Fix Warzone Season 2, 3D Settings, Low FPS, Lags, Stutter, PC


Fix Warzone Season 2, 3D Settings, Low FPS, Lags, Stutter, PC

Fix Warzone Season 2, 3D Settings, Low FPS, Lags, Stutter, PC

Now let’s go to the in-game settings. There has been some changes made since our last settings guide.


So let's just start, at the top we got Display Mode. Now, run your games in Fullscreen it's gonna lower input lag and improve your performance.


Then going down to Screen Refresh Rate - obviously make sure that is set to your monitor screen refresh rate.


Then Render Resolution - make sure that is at 100.


Going down a couple to VSync – Disabled. This is going to increase input lag I recommend just turning that off in every game you play. If you are getting screen tearing and really bothering you. You could enabled that but keep in mind you're adding some input lag and I just really would not recommend it.


Next, Custom Frame Rate Limit - I would put this on Unlimited. You want to get as many frames as you can out of the game.


Then under NVIDIA Highlights - I'd Disabled it otherwise random double kills and stuff's going to be recording in the background and you don't want that.


For NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - I have this on Enabled + Boost. Now, if you are streaming on a single PC setup or something you might want to just put that on Enabled. If your stream is looking laggy at all but otherwise I would recommend Enabled + Boost.


Scrolling down a bit we have Streaming Quality which I would put on Low.


Then we have Texture Resolution which I recommend putting on Normal.


Same with Texture Filter Anisotropic put that on Normal.


Particle Quality on High - For some reason increases your frame, so put it on high.


Bullet Impacts & Sprays - Enabled.


Tessellation - I have Disabled.


On-demand Texture Streaming - I have Disabled.


Then scrolling down we have Shadow Map Resolution - put that on Low. This on is really impact on performance. So definitely have that on Low.


Next, Catch Spot Shadows and Cache Sun Shadows - both on Enabled. Now, sometimes when you open up your game they are gonna be Disabled. So sometimes when you hop on just come in your settings double check that they're Enabled. I don't know why they reset sometimes but they do. So just be on the lookout for that.


For Particle Lighting - we have this on Low.


DirectX Raytracing - Disabled. If you have this option it's going to negatively impact performance a lot.


Then Ambient Occlusion- Disabled.


Screen Space Reflection (SSR) – Disabled.


Going down a bit we have Anti-Aliasing which I have OFF because I'm using a 1440p monitor. I don't really notice the jagged edges as much but if you are playing on 1080p or if you are playing at 1440p or 4k or whatever and you just don't like the jagged edges I'd recommend putting this on the SMAA-1X and then if you are doing this you have to put Filmic Strength at all the way up to 1.00.


Depth of Field - make sure it is Disabled. It's going to make things blurry around your iron sights and we don't want that.


Then going down a bit we have World Motion Blur and Weapon Motion Blur both Disabled. These options are just bad and if you're moving around looking around the map everything is going to look blurry and we don't want that we want it to be clear and looking good. So it's easier to find people.


Film Grain - 0.00


Dynamic Resolution - I would leave that Disabled I just wouldn't mess with that at all.


There you go, there is the updated graphics settings.