Fixes and Changes in Fortnite Update 16.10

Fortnite's new patch 16.10 is now available for season 6. It's a big one update and has rolled out to all platforms and it aims to balance some of the outstanding weapons, fix a few bugs and add plenty of new content.


So let's dive into what's new in this new update let's take a look at all the new cosmetics in Fortnite. The big standout is the Anime Pack which is actually called the Cyber Infiltration Pack.


We're obviously getting new outfits such as the Webster Skin. Who will also be featuring as an NPC and there are a ton of new bundles coming to the store in the next few weeks. New variants and level rewards have been leaked as well.


So you can take a look at what you'll be grinding your way through the battle pass for the Junk Gun has also been found in the game which is an exotic weapon that players can grab off of an NPC.


Speaking of NPCs we're also getting 4 new NPCs the Galactico, Derby Dominator, Webster and Raptors have finally been added. These prehistoric creatures are now available in the wild. They've been teased since the season started and now they're finally hatching from their eggs and gonna be let loose onto the island.

Fixes, Changes, Fortnite Update, 16.10


There's some big adjustments coming to crafting and loot mechanics and mechanical parts can now be found in floor loot as well as crafting material scaling with rarity.


As for weapon changes the primal shotgun's fire rate has been nerfed and the makeshift shotgun is getting some much needed changes.


There's also been some moving storm changes in non-competitive modes for the final two zones.